Normally, 'the Society meets at 2.00pm for 2.15pm in the community room at Acocks Green Library on the second Tuesday in the month from September to May'.

Founded 1937, meet on Thursday evenings from September to April.

'* A friendly society for beginners to more advanced collectors; * Weekly Day Time Meetings (September - April); * Monthly meetings of the Stamp & Postcard Club (September - April); * Speakers - We invite top speakers from throughout the UK; * Member Meetings- Opportunity to show items from your collection ...'

'Our long-established Society welcomes members with an interest in photography whatever their level of experience. We cover most types of still photography including digital, prints and audiovisual work. Our activities include talks from well known photographers and we also provide help to those who wish to improve their photographic skills. Club members regularly get together for meetings, trips out, social events and practical sessions.'

Newer additions ...