Nearby: Thame


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Monthly 'Conférence', October to June.

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OverviewMonthly talks in French.
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'Meetings are held on the first, third and fourth Tuesday evenings each month where we have talks by invited speakers, hold a variety of competitions at all levels – from formal prints to light-hearted "match-a-slide" – and take our cameras along for studio work with models or table-top still-life sessions. The meetings incorporate both film and digital photography although the fourth Tuesday evening each month is dedicated exclusively to digital photography ...'

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Overview'Unless otherwise stated, lectures are held on Thursdays ... beginning at 8 pm and are free to members. Visitors are very welcome and are asked to pay £2.'
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Monthly winter meetings, Wednesday evenings.

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Overview'Meetings consist of a programme of illustrated talks by guest speakers, which are held on the first Monday of each month from October to May ... at 8 pm.'
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Overview'Meetings are held at 7.30 pm on the second Thursday of every month.'
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Monthly meetings, Thursday evenings.

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Overview'Meetings on 2nd Saturday of alternate months at 2.30 pm.'
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'Indoor meetings (and talks) are held from September to April on Wednesday evenings ... starting at 8.00 pm.'

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Overview'We meet ten times a year on the fourth Friday of the month (7.30 - 9.30 pm).'
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'FORM SEVEN is a community of people who love to ask questions, dedicated to enriching their knowledge of the arts and sciences, languages and books. Join us to explore new perspectives and meet new people ... You will meet new people on the same wavelength as you. Our events will allow you to dive into a whole world of new ideas and skills: history, languages, literature, philosophy, science, nature and creative arts. There is food for any curious mind.'

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OverviewWinter programme of talks, usually Thursday evenings, organized by the Friends.
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Overview'The Society meets every month on the third Wednesday of the month at 8.00 pm.'
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Overview'All meetings are held on Thursdays at 8.00 pm.'
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'KMIS lectures run on Monday evenings from September - March each year, and are open to the general public. They cover a wide range of topics of horticultural and botanical interest ... Tickets sold on the evening on a first-come, first-served basis. We do not take advance bookings.'

Also indexedKMIS Horticultural Lecture Series
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OverviewKingston Philosophy Café is a series of events, not a place. It currently meets twice a month: on Thursday evenings at Bridges Café ... with discussions beginning at 6.00 pm and ending at around 7.25; and on Wednesday evenings at the Ram Jam Club ... starting at 7.00 pm and ending at 9.00 ... Free and open to all – anyone interested in philosophy is welcome and no prior knowledge or expertise is needed, though experts, philosophy teachers and students are very welcome.'
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Overview'Lectures, seminars and conferences'.
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'Monthly Meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at 8 pm.'

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OverviewOrganize 'a monthly public meeting, with a guest speaker, on a topic of local interest'.
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Overview'A huge effort goes into organising the Talks and the Shows for members. But remember the talks are open to anyone who wishes to attend ... All talks take place ... from 7.30 to 9.30 pm. Tea/Coffee and biscuits are available in the interval. A Raffle is held.'
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Category:Railway History
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Overview'Meet ... on the first Tuesday of the month at 7.00 for 7.30 pm.'
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Category:Arts & Crafts
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'Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month (except January which is on the second Tuesday) at 8 pm (doors open at 7.30 for refreshments).'

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Evening meetings, every one-two months.

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'We meet at 8.00 pm ... on the second and fourth Tuesday in each month from September until June. Prospective new members are warmly invited to join us for one or two meetings before making a commitment to join. Just come along and someone will be on hand to welcome you.'

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OverviewOccasional talks.
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Overview'We hold a range of events, from free public talks on records of interest, to training courses for archivists and academics.'
Online Lectures & Talks'If you are unable to visit The National Archives, all our talks are available as podcasts.'
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Category:Plant Heritage
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'Lectures will be on the second Monday of February, March, April, September, October and November. These are illustrated talks by knowledgeable speakers on various aspects of plants and horticulture. At each meeting there is a plant sale, raffle and refreshments.'

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Category:Arts & Crafts
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Overview'We meet on the second Monday of each month unless it clashes with a public or bank holiday. Meetings start at 7.30 pm and guest tickets cost £5 (£6 when there is a speaker), while members pay £3 or £4. Non-members are very welcome at all our meetings.'
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Overview'We meet each Thursday at 8.00 pm throughout the year, except in July, August and around Easter and Christmas.'
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OverviewThe Society 'is mainly known for a lively programme of lectures on all aspects of archaeology on a Friday of each month from September to May'.
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OverviewMonthly meetings, Monday evenings.
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OverviewMeetings 'monthly at 8pm on Wednesdays ... Visitors are welcome at all our meetings'.
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OverviewUsually held each year throughout November.
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'Talks & Courses at Kew Gardens'.

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'The Royston Pike Lectures were first introduced by Edgar Royston Pike, formerly Chairman of the Esher Council, as the "Esher Library Lectures" in the late sixties. In 1974, Elmbridge Borough Council changed the title of these lectures to the "Royston Pike Lectures" in appreciation of his 20 years work on the Library Committee.'

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Overview'We have regular monthly indoor meetings locally throughout the year and have occasional day-trips to local nature reserves.'
Also indexedRoyal Society for the Protection of Birds
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Overview'We are a portal providing information about environmental volunteering in south west London.' Also provide an Events Calendar.
Also indexedRichmond Environment Network
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Overview'We normally meet at 8.00 pm on the last Monday of each month (including Bank Holidays).'
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'The Spelthorne Natural History Society caters for a wide range of topical interests, both locally and also nationally & internationally. It offers a varied programme of talks and lectures, meetings, guided walks, field trips and the opportunity to become involved in recording and conservation work, providing for both interested beginners and specialists ... Want to know more? Come along to one of our meetings and find out.'

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'About 80 people attend monthly meetings held from September to May ... At these meetings there are speakers on general topics of local history. There are also summer activities. Not all members want to be involved in research, they join to attend the talks and take part in the occasional outings.'

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Overview'The society meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month ... commencing at 8 pm, except for August (no meeting).'
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‘Formed to bring together people who are interested in all aspects of history, especially Thame and the local area. The Society was initially set up in the latter part of the 1970s and became properly established in 1985. There are ten meetings ... each year. These are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm ... The Annual General Meeting of the Society is held on the first Tuesday of December. The AGM is followed by a social event and is very popular.’

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Occasional talks: 'We are a Free to join club, helping to improve the Thames and promote angling. Help us do more by making a donation today, it will enable us to continue this important work. All donations will be warmly received and put to good use.'

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'We meet on the fourth Wednesday of the month – the morning session begins at 10.45 am and the afternoon session at 2.30 pm.'

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'We meet at ... on the third Wednesday of each month (excluding August) but on the second Wednesday in December. Hall open: 10.00 a.m. Coffee served: 10.05-10.20 a.m. Lecture begins: 10.30 a.m.'

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Lectures 'are held on the second Thursday of every month at 2.00pm. No lecture is held in August or December'.

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'Our primary activity is a programme of events with a guest speaker. These talks take place ... at 10.30 am on the second Wednesday of each month (except July).'

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OverviewUsually meet second Monday evening of the month, 19.30 hours.
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OverviewOccasional lectures.
Named Lectures & TalksGeorge Tinker Lecture | Rosina Clark Memorial Lecture
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OverviewWinter evening talks, usually Wednesday.
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'Organises ten philosophy events per year (monthly except in July and August) that are open for anyone to attend. Five of our events are held on Saturday afternoons and five on weekday evenings – usually on a Tuesday or Thursday.'

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Monthly meetings, Tuesday evenings.

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'Meets ... at 7.45 pm on the third Wednesday of the month (second Wednesday in December) to hear a talk on a topic related to the Great War.'

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'We try to have a speaker each month on a variety of subjects, not always local but of interest to all. Our meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month, except June, July and August ... at 7.30 pm.'

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'The Society meets regularly at York House, and carries on a range of activities throughout the year. Evening meetings start at 8.00 pm, and guests are welcome.'

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  66. Bradford
  67. Braintree
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  80. Burnley
  81. Burton-upon-Trent
  82. Bury
  83. Bury St Edmunds
  84. Buxton
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  86. Camborne
  87. Cambridge
  88. Camden
  89. Cannock
  90. Canterbury
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  92. Carlisle
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  98. Chesham
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  112. City of Belfast
  113. City of Dundee
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  115. City of Glasgow
  116. City of London
  117. Clackmannanshire
  118. Clacton on Sea
  119. Clitheroe
  120. Colchester
  121. Congleton
  122. Conwy
  123. Corby
  124. Cornwall
  125. Cotswold
  126. County Durham
  127. County of Herefordshire
  128. Coventry
  129. Crawley
  130. Crediton
  131. Crewe
  132. Cromer
  133. Crosby
  134. Croydon
  135. Darlington
  136. Dartford
  137. Dartmouth
  138. Daventry
  139. Derby
  140. Derry City Strabane
  141. Didcot
  142. Diss
  143. Doncaster
  144. Dorking
  145. Dover
  146. Dudley
  147. Dumfries
  148. Dumfries & Galloway
  149. Dundee City
  150. Dunfermline
  151. Dunstable
  152. Durham
  153. Ealing
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  155. East Devon
  156. East Dorset
  157. East Dunbartonshire
  158. East Hampshire
  159. East Lothian
  160. East Renfrewshire
  161. Eastbourne
  162. Eastleigh
  163. Edinburgh
  164. Ellesmere Port
  165. Ely
  166. Enfield
  167. Evesham
  168. Exeter
  169. Exmouth
  170. Falkirk
  171. Fareham
  172. Farnborough
  173. Farnham
  174. Felixstowe
  175. Fermanagh Omagh
  176. Fife
  177. Flintshire
  178. Folkestone
  179. Framlingham
  180. Frome
  181. Gainsborough
  182. Galashiels
  183. Gateshead
  184. Gillingham (Dorset)
  185. Gillingham (Kent)
  186. Glasgow
  187. Glossop
  188. Gloucester
  189. Godalming
  190. Goole
  191. Gosport
  192. Grantham
  193. Gravesend
  194. Grays
  195. Great Malvern
  196. Greenwich
  197. Grimsby
  198. Guildford
  199. Gwynedd
  200. Hackney
  201. Halesworth
  202. Halifax
  203. Hammersmith Fulham
  204. Hampstead
  205. Haringey
  206. Harlow
  207. Harpenden
  208. Harrogate
  209. Harrow
  210. Hart
  211. Hartlepool
  212. Haslemere
  213. Hastings
  214. Hatfield
  215. Havant
  216. Haverhill
  217. Havering
  218. Hay-on-Wye
  219. Haywards Heath
  220. Hebden Bridge
  221. Helensburgh
  222. Hemel Hempstead
  223. Henley-on-Thames
  224. Hereford
  225. Hertford
  226. Hexham
  227. High Wycombe
  228. Highland
  229. Hillingdon
  230. Hinckley
  231. Hitchin
  232. Holborn
  233. Horsham
  234. Hounslow
  235. Hoylake
  236. Huddersfield
  237. Huntingdon
  238. Huntingdonshire
  239. Ilkeston
  240. Ilkley
  241. Inverclyde
  242. Inverness
  243. Ipswich
  244. Isle of Anglesey
  245. Isle of Islay
  246. Isle of Man
  247. Isle of Wight
  248. Islington
  249. Keighley
  250. Kendal
  251. Kensington & Chelsea
  252. Kensington Chelsea
  253. Keswick
  254. Kettering
  255. Kidderminster
  256. King's Lynn
  257. Kings Lynn & West Norfolk
  258. Kingston upon Hull
  259. Kingston upon Thames
  260. Kingston-upon-Thames
  261. Kirklees
  262. Lambeth
  263. Lancaster
  264. Leatherhead
  265. Ledbury
  266. Leeds
  267. Leek
  268. Leicester
  269. Leighton Buzzard
  270. Letchworth Garden City
  271. Lewes
  272. Lewisham
  273. Lichfield
  274. Lincoln
  275. Lisburn Castlereagh
  276. Liskeard
  277. Liverpool
  278. Llanelli
  279. Llangollen
  280. Long Eaton
  281. Loughborough
  282. Louth
  283. Ludlow
  284. Luton
  285. Lydney
  286. Lymington
  287. Lytham St Annes
  288. MIlton Keynes
  289. Macclesfield
  290. Maidenhead
  291. Maidstone
  292. Malmesbury
  293. Malton
  294. Manchester
  295. Mansfield
  296. March
  297. Market Harborough
  298. Marlborough
  299. Marlow
  300. Matlock
  301. Melbourne
  302. Melton Mowbray
  303. Mendip
  304. Merthyr Tydfil
  305. Merton
  306. Mid East Antrim
  307. Mid Suffolk
  308. Mid Ulster
  309. Middlesbrough
  310. Midlothian
  311. Milton Keynes
  312. Minehead
  313. Monmouthshire
  314. Moray
  315. Morpeth
  316. Na h-Eileanan an Iar
  317. Neath Port Talbot
  318. New Forest
  319. Newark-on-Trent
  320. Newbury
  321. Newcastle upon Tyne
  322. Newcastle-under-Lyme
  323. Newham
  324. Newport
  325. Newport (Wales)
  326. Newry Mourne Down
  327. Newton Abbot
  328. Newtownabbey
  329. North Ayrshire
  330. North Down
  331. North Hertfordshire
  332. North Lanarkshire
  333. North Norfolk
  334. North Somerset
  335. Northallerton
  336. Northampton
  337. Northumberland
  338. Northwich
  339. Norwich
  340. Nottingham
  341. Nuneaton
  342. Oakham
  343. Oban
  344. Okehampton
  345. Oldham
  346. Olney
  347. Orkney
  348. Orkney Islands
  349. Ormskirk
  350. Orpington
  351. Otley
  352. Oundle
  353. Oxford
  354. Pembrokeshire
  355. Penrith
  356. Penzance
  357. Perth
  358. Perth & Kinross
  359. Peterborough
  360. Pitlochry
  361. Plymouth
  362. Pontefract
  363. Poole
  364. Portsmouth
  365. Powys
  366. Preston
  367. Prestwich
  368. Rayleigh
  369. Reading
  370. Redbridge
  371. Redcar
  372. Redditch
  373. Reigate
  374. Renfrewshire
  375. Rhondda Cynon Taf
  376. Rhyl
  377. Richmond upon Thames
  378. Richmond-upon-Thames
  379. Richmondshire
  380. Rickmansworth
  381. Ripon
  382. Rochdale
  383. Rochford
  384. Romsey
  385. Ross-on-Wye
  386. Rossendale
  387. Rother
  388. Rotherham
  389. Royal Leamington Spa
  390. Royal Tunbridge Wells
  391. Rugby
  392. Runcorn
  393. Runnymede
  394. Rushcliffe
  395. Rushmoor
  396. Ruthin
  397. Rutland
  398. Sale
  399. Salford
  400. Salisbury
  401. Sandbach
  402. Scarborough
  403. Scottish Borders
  404. Scunthorpe
  405. Sefton
  406. Selby
  407. Selly Oak
  408. Sevenoaks
  409. Sheffield
  410. Sherborne
  411. Shetland Islands
  412. Shrewsbury
  413. Shropshire
  414. Skipton
  415. Solihull
  416. South Ayrshire
  417. South Cambridgeshire
  418. South Gloucestershire
  419. South Hams
  420. South Kesteven
  421. South Lakeland
  422. South Lanarkshire
  423. South Norfolk
  424. South Oxfordshire
  425. South Shields
  426. South Somerset
  427. Southampton
  428. Southend
  429. Southend-on-Sea
  430. Southport
  431. Southwark
  432. Southwell
  433. Spalding
  434. St Albans
  435. St Andrews
  436. St Austell
  437. St Helens
  438. St Ives
  439. Stafford
  440. Staines-upon-Thames
  441. Stamford
  442. Stevenage
  443. Stirling
  444. Stockport
  445. Stockton-on-Tees
  446. Stoke-on-Trent
  447. Stratford-on-Avon
  448. Stroud
  449. Sudbury
  450. Sunderland
  451. Sutton (London)
  452. Sutton Coldfield
  453. Swaffham
  454. Swanage
  455. Swansea
  456. Swindon
  457. Tamworth
  458. Taunton
  459. Taunton Deane
  460. Tavistock
  461. Teignbridge
  462. Teignmouth
  463. Telford
  464. Tenterden
  465. Test Valley
  466. Tewkesbury
  467. Thame
  468. Thanet
  469. The City
  470. The Scottish Borders
  471. Thornbury
  472. Three Rivers
  473. Tiverton
  474. Tonbridge & Malling
  475. Torbay
  476. Torfaen
  477. Torquay
  478. Torridge
  479. Towcester
  480. Tower Hamlets
  481. Trafford
  482. Trowbridge
  483. Truro
  484. Tunbridge Wells
  485. Ullapool
  486. Ulverston
  487. Uppingham
  488. Vale of Glamorgan
  489. Vale of White Horse
  490. Wadebridge
  491. Wakefield
  492. Wallasey
  493. Wallsend
  494. Walsall
  495. Waltham Forest
  496. Walton-on-Thames
  497. Wandsworth
  498. Warrington
  499. Warwick
  500. Watford
  501. Waveney
  502. Waverley
  503. Wealdon
  504. Wellingborough
  505. Wells (City)
  506. Welwyn Garden City
  507. Welwyn Hatfield
  508. West Berkshire
  509. West Bridgford
  510. West Bromwich
  511. West Dorset
  512. West Lothian
  513. West Oxfordshire
  514. Westminster
  515. Weston-Super-Mare
  516. Weymouth
  517. Whitehaven
  518. Wigan
  519. Wigston
  520. Wilmslow
  521. Wiltshire
  522. Wimborne Minster
  523. Winchester
  524. Windsor
  525. Wisbech
  526. Woking
  527. Wolverhampton
  528. Woodbridge
  529. Worcester
  530. Workington
  531. Worksop
  532. Worthing
  533. Wrexham
  534. Yate
  535. Yeovil
  536. York (City)