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'Promoting the history of the area since 2009 ... We have eleven Monthly Meetings throughout the year beginning in February and finishing in December. Nine of the meetings have the same format. We have a local history speaker for the first hour and a refreshment internal for tea/coffee and biscuits. Non-members are encouraged to attend these meetings.'

LECTURES and TALKS2021 Programme

'The Society is based very strongly on "philately is fun". We all have enough stress within our lives and we use our hobby as a form of relaxation. Meetings are structured and relaxed but never casual. Prospective members are encouraged to attend a number of our meetings to enable them to decide if they wish to join us, and when they do they become part of what is a friendly group of people with a common interest in one or more of the many aspects of philately.'

LECTURES and TALKS2021-22 Programme

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