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'Founded in 2018 to advance the understanding and sharing of historical information, photos and artefacts about the Aldermaston area. The activities undertaken by the group are: * Maintain the Aldermaston History Online website; * Develop an online archive for members of additional physical material; * Hold meetings to discuss the history of Aldermaston; * Talks on relevant historical topics ...'

LECTURES and TALKS2021 Programme

'If you like collecting stamps and/or postcards then the Society is the place to be - visitors welcome to all meetings.'

'The Society exists to promote an interest, not only in the local history of Thatcham and district, but also in historical matters in general ... A regular series of talks by invited speakers takes place throughout the year. We typically meet on the last Monday of the month during term time and have a wide range of subject matter in the talks.'

LECTURES and TALKS2021 Programme

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