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Category Local Heritage

'Considered the world’s first garden suburb, Bedford Park continues to retain its identity, community spirit and unique character bequeathed by the inspiration and genius of its original founder and architects ... The Society has been part of the community for over 50 years, with strong links to other local organisations. Our parties, lectures and other events, such as our annual meeting, are a chance for members to meet each other and chat informally to the committee.'

Also indexedBetjeman Lecture

'Brings together top authors and their readers for a week of history, poetry, biography, creative writing, fiction, thrillers, gardens, food, wine, politics and children’s books.' Normally held Early September.

Category Local Heritage

'Chiswick House, built between 1726 and 1729 is one of the earliest and most important neo-Palladian villas in England ... By the 20th century, the House and Gardens were in decline and in 1929 the reduced estate was sold to Middlesex County Council. In 1948, ownership of the house passed to the Ministry of Works, which embarked on a restoration campaign aimed at returning the villa to its original size and design and the gardens to their original layout. Following a major restoration project, which finished in 2010 with £12m support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, London Borough of Hounslow and English Heritage Trust formed the independent Chiswick House and Gardens Trust to unify the care of the House and Gardens ... Today we welcome over one million visitors every year. Our vision is simple – we want to be here for everyone, every day.'

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