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'Established in 1987, and exists to promote family history and genealogy and celebrate Hillingdon's past ... Family history is our passion, and we want the joy that genealogical study brings to be widespread. Anyone is more than welcome to join the society, whether you have a historic family connection to the area, live locally or are simply interested in family history.'

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Member of the Federation of Middlesex Beekeepers Grouping

'The Society was formed in 1964 and since that time we have produced and published a great deal of research about our heritage and have promoted the conservation of the area through consultation with the local council, arranging lectures and conferences, mounting exhibitions for the local community and the formation of various working parties.'

'The Society was founded in 1967 and has a membership mostly drawn from a wide area of the western side of London ... We meet every month except August,  alternately at two venues in Harrow and Hillingdon boroughs, so we cover a wide area of the west of London area. You definitely don't need to be an advanced amateur to join, as we try to keep meetings at a level which anyone with a general interest in astronomy can follow. Probably the majority of our membership consists of people just like you – interested but not obsessed!'

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