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'Our Club’s records show the existence of a Photographic Society locally since Victorian times whilst the Club in its existing form was established in 1946. We have evolved from the conventional film based media to the completely digital image environment gradually since 2004. The Club switched over totally in 2009 to digital projection alongside the existing digital colour and monochrome print production. Within the Club, there is a broad skill base and there is always someone who can help and advise the emerging photographer or a complete novice just starting photography. We pride ourselves on our open and friendly meetings and welcome any visitors who would like to see what we as a local Camera Club do. Just drop by on a Club Meeting evening and say hello. It doesn't matter which camera you use, all that matters is the images you produce. You may surprise yourself with the image quality you will soon be producing.'

Category Antiquity

'Formed in 2005, Essex Egyptology Group members and visitors enjoy a stimulating programme of talks and study days.'

Category Braintree

Member of the Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers Grouping

'The North Essex Astronomical Society welcomes everyone with an interest in astronomy, whatever their level of expertise. From novice to expert, we aim to be a society for all amateur astronomers. Members’ interests range from observing and astrophotography, from telescopes to astrophysics. Our common love is a passion for astronomy. We try to build a greater appreciation of the dark night sky and help people enjoy it ... We hold a public meeting once a month with a guest speaker. The subjects at meetings range from cosmology, planetary science, and life on other worlds, to astrophotography and more.'

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