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'A friendly group of artists which welcomes other artists of all abilities as well as those who have an interest in the arts. We welcome painters in any media and craftspeople who are interested in ceramics sculpting and wood carving ... Membership mainly consists of keen amateurs, but we also have some professionals as members. Non-painters are welcome to join the Society.'

Category Local Heritage

'Berkhamsted Castle Trust provides education about, promotes and maintains Berkhamsted Castle, Hertfordshire. It fosters use and enjoyment of the castle by the public, and undertakes historical research or archaeological investigation into the castle and people or events of historical significance connected to it ... Berkhamsted is the location where, in early December 1066, William, Duke of Normandy, accepted the surrender of the English nobles following the Battle of Hastings and became “the Conqueror”.'

'The aim of the Berkhamsted Local History & Museum Society is to encourage the study and appreciation of local history, genealogy and other subjects of historical interest ... At the start of the season a Programme is issued to members giving details of talks, mostly illustrated Powerpoint presentations, on a variety of subjects connected with local history.'

Initiated 1994: 'The Society has flourished since its inception, providing a focus for the collection and dissemination of many aspects of Tring’s history ... Six times a year, on Wednesday evenings at 8 pm, Members are treated to an hour’s talk on an aspect of local history. These are informal gatherings, and are usually accompanied by a slide show to illustrate the Talk'.

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