Local Society: Harrow

Category Christianity

'We are a network of people including research scientists in universities, commercial and government laboratories and hi-tech companies, engineers, theologians and philosophers, as well as students, school teachers, administrators and anyone interested in science and faith issues ...  There are local groups around the UK and Ireland which provide meetings for members and others, organizing public lectures, talks in local churches, study and prayer groups.'

'The Federation has the following functions: * Organization of the annual Federation Beekeepers Day in February; * Lectures and workshops open to association members; * Annual organisation of the Middlesex classes at the National Honey Show; * Notification of current and future BBKA's policies; * Representation at the BBKA's Annual Delegates Meeting, which includes the co-ordination and agreed voting of proposals put forward by other counties.'

'Advancing public appreciation of geology by observation, discussion, field studies, research, illustrated talks and exhibitions ... Expert speakers give illustrated talks on all aspects of geology, and answer all our questions afterwards. The evening finishes with refreshments and informal chat.'

Category Harrow

Member of the Federation of Middlesex Beekeepers Grouping

'We are a club for photography enthusiasts, whatever their age or experience, where creative and technical ability is developed and celebrated in a friendly and vibrant atmosphere.'

Category Harrow

Member of The Inter Faith Network for the UK Grouping

'Through its meetings and its advice and information service, IFN, with its member bodies, helps make better known and understood the teachings, traditions and practices of the different faith communities in the UK and the pattern of their inter faith work and builds good relations between people of different faiths in the UK.'

'We meet monthly and provide a wide range of activities. There is an exchange packet, a regular bulletin (The Pinner Post), displays by members or visiting speakers on a whole range of topics, auctions, a quiz evening, competitions, a library and an annual dinner. Come and join us - visitors are always welcome at any of the meetings.'

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