Local Society: Alton-Hants

'We provide a comprehensive mixed programme of lectures, practicals, competitions and other events.'

'Meetings are usually attended by 50 – 60 members and typically consist of a talk from an invited speaker with an interval for light refreshments providing member with the opportunity to also have a chat.'

A full programme of Field Meetings is held from Spring to Autumn, with a few meetings in the winter as well. These are typically fairly close to Alton and cover a wide range of interests including Birds, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Flowers and Botany, Fungi ... If you are interested in joining then come along to any indoor or outdoor meeting without obligation.'

'We meet on the second Tuesday of each month except August ... The Club has regularly welcomed visiting speakers who have provided varied and interesting philatelic displays, but equally it has included evenings when members could simply chat and exchange material.'

'Promoting and encouraging the study of family history research since our formation in 1974. Our aim is to help you trace your family’s Hampshire roots ... We meet regularly to discuss the opportunity to share, learn, exchange ideas and information, as well as to help us each further explore our family history projects ... Across the County we have 13 groups that meet monthly offering lectures, visits and discussions.'

Category Alton

Member of The Arts Society - 6 South East England Grouping

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