Area: Staffordshire

'Betley Local History Society was founded in 1980 following, or even during the time of running, a very successful university extramural class in the village (1977-80) ... Betley is a village and civil parish in the Newcastle district of Staffordshire, England, about halfway between Newcastle-under-Lyme and Nantwich. Its name means the "clearing in the woods" of Bette (a Saxon woman's name). Betley is an ancient settlement and is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086. It was then held by Unwin, the King’s Thane. 100 years later, Betley is recorded as being owned by Henry de Bettley ... We organise regular monthly meetings, usually on the third Thursday of each month (except December).'

'We may be a relatively small group but we have achieved a great deal since our foundation in 1986, most notably through the Burntwood Memorial Project, which honours local servicemen, and through our Transcription Project. Established members welcome and give advice both to members old and new and to non-members who are interested in furthering their own genealogical research.'

'We are a group of mainly amateur photographers who enjoy looking at other peoples work and discussing all aspects of photography. We have a mixed range of abilities from the beginners to the more advanced workers, to those who generate an income from photography. It does not matter what sort of camera you use to take your images, DSLR or a phone camera as the aim of the Society is the encouragement and advancement of photography amongst its members. If you own a smart phone you own a camera.'

Category Rail Transport

'A locally based Socety for people who are interested in all aspects of railways. We meet throughout the year ... and enjoy a variety of presentations by guest speakers. Many railway subjects and themes are covered including steam, modern traction, overseas topics and preservation issues.'

'Founded in 1980 by Owen Powell with the support of Keele University ... we are regarded as Europe's largest continuing educational initiative in international politics. It is our privilege to welcome a wide range of distinguished speakers to each annual series of 24 Thursday evening meetings. Many members of the House of Lords and Commons speak here, along with ambassadors, academics from Britain’s leading universities, national journalists, and others.'

'Since its formation in 1985 the Society’s membership has grown to over 370, amateurs and professionals, of all ages and from all walks of life. It has held more than 200 lectures ... and has arranged more than 150 visits. The Society’s steady growth in membership, the growth of its reputation in the Lichfield area and beyond and the regular “full house” attendances make it the envy of many similar groups and a tribute to the many people who have served it ... The Society’s reputation is such that it can attract speakers respected in their professions from all over the UK and from abroad; surgeons, engineers, biologists, chemists, physicists, archaeologists, medical doctors, in fact anyone with an authoritative view on an interesting subject.'

Category Stafford

Member of The Inter Faith Network for the UK Grouping

'Join this friendly club and let us help make your photographs come to life, new photographers to advanced workers welcome ... The Society covers the spectrum of photography from those who believe the finish is pressing the Camera shutter to those who in various measures believe that digital post processing is just as an important part of the process. Thus we are not a camera club but a Photographic Society.'

Category Local Heritage

'Dedicated to the study and dissemination of the archaeology, historic environment, history and heritage of Staffordshire although our membership activities range further afield. Membership is open to all who share this interest. The Society offers its members a programme of lectures, visits and events.'

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