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Area: East Riding of Yorkshire

Category Local Heritage

'The Society is for all those interested in the history and culture of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. We promote scholarship of subjects relating to the Georgian period ... The Society is involved in a number of events around the year, some of which it is the organiser, and others in which it is an active participant or which it wishes to promote to a wider audience ... There are also regular visits to properties inside and outside East Yorkshire.'

Category Goole

Member of the Gardening and Horticultural Societies - East Riding of Yorkshire Grouping

'Founded in 1957 to promote "the study of Theology in all its branches … within the University of Hull, the City of Kingston upon Hull, and the parts of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire round about". It achieves these aims principally by hosting lectures given by distinguished visiting academics and by members.'

'The Society was founded in 1888 and is now an educational charity ... Like many similar societies, the Hull Geological Society offers its members a variety meetings and activities ... including ... Lectures - monthly meetings in the winter, with guest lecturers speaking on many aspects of geology.'

'The Society ... carries on the traditions of its forefathers by means of a Winter lecture programme on sixteen Tuesday evenings. This embraces a wide variety of subjects: literature, art, philosophy and science to entertain and educate people of diverse interests, from all walks of life.'

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