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'A world-leading centre for study and research in politics and government ... Join us for engaging and informative public events covering a wide range of topics in politics and government.'

'A think tank that studies the interactions between regional, national, European and global levels of government. Founded in 1945 on the initiative of Sir William Beveridge, it has long made a powerful contribution to the study of federalism and federal systems ... The Federal Trust regularly holds Workshops, Seminars and larger conferences on a number of issues related to UK, Europe and Global Governance. These events are generally held in central London or as online webinars and are usually open to any one who is interested.'

'An outward-looking, non-partisan international affairs think tank based in the UK. Our mission is to provide an open and accessible space for the ideas, knowledge and experience of experts, academics and activists from across the world, so that their voices can be heard by a global audience of citizens and decision makers in order to find solutions to today’s international challenges ... The Foreign Policy Centre holds events to engage the public in debates around key international affairs issues. These include seminars, conferences, keynote speeches and expert roundtables. The majority of events will take place in London but the FPC will work with partners to hold events in other UK Cities and internationally.'

'Founded in 1944, the Hansard Society is the UK’s leading source of independent research and advice on Parliament and parliamentary affairs ... Join hundreds of people who come to our events each year and take part in lively political discussions in Westminster and across the UK.'

'We are a think tank and charity, independent of government and political parties. By bringing together experts from all backgrounds, we conceive ambitious and informed ideas which secure political commitments to improve our democracy, public services and economy. We provide platforms for debate, opportunities for people to make their voices heard and agenda-setting research. We are funded by our members, income from our events and training sessions, and supported by trusts, foundations and other funding bodies ... Our aim is to make Wales better.'

'From our flagship Stronger Things event, to intimate peer-learning sessions, to workshops on the most urgent sector issues – our events are a vital part of our work at New Local ... Most events are available only to our members. Sessions are expertly facilitated, providing a confidential and safe environment in which participants share and learn real-life insights. They are currently being held online, allowing greater participation from across the UK.'

'Our mission is to develop and promote new policy ideas which deliver better public services, a stronger society and a more dynamic economy. The authority and credibility of our research is our greatest asset. Our research is independent and evidence-based and we share our ideas with policy makers from all sides of the political spectrum. Our research is strictly empirical and we do not take commissions. This allows us to be completely independent and make workable policy recommendations ... We attract the highest calibre of speaker from across the political spectrum, both nationally and internationally.'

'Established in 1995, Politeia is a forum for discussing economic, constitutional and social policy. It focuses on the role of the state in people’s lives. Politeia aims to encourage the best policies for a free society under the rule of law, a prosperous economy based on free markets and competition, and excellent systems for education, health care and pensions. Its premise is that Britain’s prosperity and stability depend on democratic accountability: of government to parliament and parliament to the people. It also depends on getting the detail as well as the broad framework of policy right. Politeia works with leading authorities from both Britain and abroad, pioneers from the legal profession, academic life, the economy, business and politics. With them, Politeia publishes up to date research and analyses, and makes proposals on which successful government policy can be based. It also hosts conferences and events to discuss the details of policy.'

'A non-partisan think tank. We believe that fair markets, complemented by open public services, increase prosperity and help people to live well. We conduct research and run events looking at a wide range of economic and social policy areas, focusing on economic prosperity, public services and consumer markets. The SMF is resolutely independent, and the range of backgrounds and opinions among our staff, trustees and advisory board reflects this.'

'We are revolutionary socialists fighting against racism, exploitation, oppression and environmental destruction. We have branches across Britain involved in local campaigns and the fight for a better world ... Socialist Worker is a revolutionary socialist newspaper produced by the Socialist Workers Party ... It has been published every week since 1968 ... The SWP has Branches across the country that hold political meetings and are involved in local campaigns. The events these branches hold are open to everyone.'

'Conducts timely, rigorous, independent research into constitutional change and the reform of political institutions. Our research has significant real-world impact, informing policy-makers engaged in such changes - both in the United Kingdom and around the world ... The Constitution Unit was created in 1995 to aid policy-makers involved in changing their constitutions ... We continue to fulfil that remit, but also assess the effects of reforms that have taken place, and research constitutional and political arrangements beyond the UK.'

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