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Category East Sussex

Member of the Amphibian and Reptile Groups of the UK Grouping

'Founded in 1846, The Sussex Archaeological Society is the oldest of its type in the country. Our charitable aim is to enable people to enjoy, learn about and have access to the heritage of Sussex ... We host a finds identification service and offer a variety of walks, talks and conferences on the archaeology and history of Sussex.'

'The Sussex Beekeepers’ Association caters for those who live in Brighton, East Grinstead and East Sussex who keep bees or who would like to start beekeeping. There are five local Divisions each of which have their own website ... The Divisions have meetings which help train people in beekeeping ... In spring and summer the meetings tend to be at apiaries, which gives members a chance to handle bees and beehives ... Beekeeping is essentially a practical craft so it is easier to learn by doing it.  You need the company of experienced friends, and the Divisions provide this.  You never stop learning about beekeeping.'

'The Sussex Family History Group was founded in 1972. It has about 3500 members in Sussex, the rest of the UK, and around the world. There are five meeting centres in the County ... If you live in Sussex you are likely to find one fairly near to you.'

Category East Sussex

Member of the Local Nature Partnerships: England Grouping

Category East Sussex

Member of the Mammal Society Grouping

Category West Sussex

Member of the Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society Grouping

Aims: '* To promote an interest in local history among residents of Sutton Courtenay and the surrounding district by holding regular meetings and inviting guest speakers; * To undertake research on the history of the village and its neighbourhood; * To encourage and support research into family history'.

'The oldest astronomical society in Wales - established 13th February 1948. The aim of the Society has always been "to further the knowledge of and to stimulate public interest in the science of Astronomy, also to promote and conduct research into problems related thereto" and this is as relevant to today's Society as it was in 1948 ... Thursday evening lectures are provided for Swansea Astronomical Society members, however, potential new members or members of other astronomical societies should feel free to come along as a guest.'

'Based in the village of Swavesey, just outside Cambridge. At Swavesey Camera Club we are proud to cater for photographers of all standards. Whether yours is a basic compact camera or the latest digital SLR, our programme is designed to help you get the best out of it. Some of our meetings are instructional and some are meant to inspire with the opportunity to listen to and meet accomplished local and national photographers and to look at some great images.'

'A thriving, friendly club that welcomes all residents of Sway and the surrounding towns and villages to attend our monthly meetings.'

'Established in 1810, the main aim of the Swedenborg Society is to translate and publish the works of the Swedish scientist, philosopher and visionary, Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) ... We are based in a four-storey Grade II-listed building in the heart of Bloomsbury, central London, just a short walk from the British Museum ... We organize a broad range of cultural events, lectures, exhibitions, educational workshops and film screenings, and are one of the oldest independent publishers in the world.'

Category Swindon

Member of the Federation of British Bonsai Societies Grouping

Category Swindon

Member of The Inter Faith Network for the UK Grouping

'The Swindon Philosophical Society normally meets in term-time, on Fridays ... We’re not affiliated to any view, religion, creed, belief, political party, ethos or organisation – just great ideas, discussion and argument! – everyone is welcome!'

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