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'Founded in 1882 and became a Registered Charity in 1987. Its primary objective is to “advance the education of the public in apiculture in Northamptonshire”  ... Meetings are usually held on the second Saturday of the month ... These regular meetings provide Apiarist guidance and social interaction for both members and non-members. They take the form of presentations by experienced beekeepers from across the country.'

'We are an enthusiastic group of volunteers who work in partnership to raise public awareness and appreciation of our enviable landscape heritage – from the recognised treasures and curiosities, to the less well-known surprises waiting to delight. Thoughtful conservation today can ensure a richer, biodiverse environment for future generations ... As a Member, you’ll enjoy: *participating in the conservation and restoration of our County’s gardens; * guided tours of a variety of gardens and landscapes, many of which are not normally open to the public; * our Annual Garden Party in one of the County's spectacular gardens ; * free lectures given by nationally recognised speakers ...'

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