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'In addition to the regular classes and courses, the Society offers a full programme of events including an annual residential Summer School, special functions and celebration days, plus regular public lectures on the history, art and culture of Buddhist countries.’

'The public lecture series is organised to aid the MA/Diploma students in "Islam in Contemporary Britain" in their studies, but to also allow a chance for academics and students from other schools, and the general public, to attend and gain a better understanding on the various and dynamic aspects related to the study of Islam in the UK ... 'We envisage the Centre as an accessible, vibrant, and inclusive hub of learning about Islam in Cardiff and South Wales, for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The Centre has strong links with the local Muslim community, and we are proud of this partnership.'

'The Druid Network aims, through connecting individuals and groups together, through coordinating efforts and initiative, and through actively interfacing with public bodies and the media, to Inform, Inspire and Facilitate Druidry as a Religion.'

'The Hindu Forum of Britain (HFB) is the largest umbrella body for British Hindus with more then 420 member organisations from around the country. HFB is the first port of call from the central government and the most reported Hindu organisation in the British media ... At the core of the Forum's activity is a strong belief in the richness and diversity of the Hindu culture, its value system that encompasses for respect for all beings and faiths and a cultural heritage that facilitates community cohesion and coexistence.'

'Public Lectures, Symposia and Seminars are held throughout the academic year, where leading scholars from Europe, Israel and USA as well as the UK communicate the results of their research to scholars, students and the public, thereby creating the opportunity for regular exchange of ideas and interests.'

'We believe Islam is a divinely revealed ethical and moral approach to life for mankind, guiding it to achieve peace, progress and success. The Islamic Foundation represents a pioneering initiative, at the academic and educational levels, to enable Muslims, and humanity at large, to discover the true potential of Islam. We aim to support Muslims to become active participants in helping to build a plural, respectful and harmonious world.'

Established in 1990: ‘Our aims are: * To promote greater understanding and awareness of Islam; * To organise, educate and enhance the development of British Muslim communities: * To encourage positive contribution to British society and the promotion of social justice.  We are one of the largest national networks of British Muslim volunteers, successfully harnessing the broad skills base of our members, who hail from a variety of backgrounds – stay at home mums and dads as well as doctors, lawyers, teachers ...’

'Knowledgeable speakers deliver talks on Jewish history for each branch of the Society. A small entrance fee may be charged to cover light refreshments either before or after the talk, to which both members of the Society and non-members are invited to attend.'

'The NBO is a registered charity, entirely dependent on the generosity and activities of its volunteers. We provide a neutral non-denominational forum for discussion and for activities founded on intelligent, generous and ethical action. The NBO does not promote, validate or endorse any Buddhist tradition. We simply wish to work for the good of Buddhism in the UK, for the good of British society.'

''A Recognised Independent Centre of Oxford University. The principal aim of the Centre is the study of Hindu culture, religion, languages, literature, philosophy, history, arts and society, in all periods and in all parts of the world ... Lectures are a key part of the OCHS programme. One of our goals is to make lectures delivered at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies accessible to all ... As well as our general lectures and Shivdasani lectures and seminars we currently host three named lectures ...' Enquire about attendance. Note also: Friends of the OCHS  'Friends of the OCHS have formed groups across the UK holding events that raise funds and awareness for the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies.'

'Founded in 1971 the PF seeks to support all Pagans to ensure they have the same rights as the followers of other beliefs and religions. It aims to promote a positive profile for Pagans and Paganism and to provide information on Pagan beliefs to the media, official bodies and the greater community ... The Pagan Federation operates at both national and local levels as well as being a European and worldwide organisation. There are 10 Districts covering the countries of England and Wales, and most hold District Conferences, go to Moots, and other Social Events. In addition to this, there are also Open Rituals, Talks, and other activities that help Pagans in the district get to know each other and themselves.'

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