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'The largest Festival dedicated entirely to history ... The aim is to excite, enthral and entertain about the past. All proceeds from the festival have, since 2012, been directed to the Chalke Valley History Trust, which promotes the understanding of history to all ages, but especially children.' Held Mid June.

'This year’s Chelsea History Festival will bring the past to life through a series of talks, tours and events, both physical and virtual. The immersive programme will reveal history in all its variety, and demonstrate its ongoing resonance and relevance today.'

'We are world-renowned for their expertise in medieval, early modern and modern British, European, American and world history. We have a lively academic community of over 500 students and we work closely with Liverpool's famous galleries and museums, as well as with many other national and international partners. We host lectures and seminars, which are open to the public as well as to staff and students at the university.'

'Exploring key aspects of British and international history to draw new lessons for the modern world. Our expertise covers identity, belief, conflict, leisure and more ... A big part of work is helping communities to understand and engage with their histories. Our public engagement work is led by the Manchester Centre for Public History and Heritage, which builds strong links between our researchers and the city, the region and the wider world.'

'The Institute of Historical Research is the UK's national centre for history, dedicated to supporting historians of all kinds ... Explore all of our forthcoming events, from public lectures and conversations to research training and workshops, plus all our upcoming research seminars ...  2021 is the centenary of the IHR, which opened on 8 July 1921. To mark our centenary, in July 2021 we launch "Our Century", a 12-month festival of public activities exploring history’s past, present and future.'

'The Manchester Centre for Public History and Heritage, formally the Manchester Centre for Regional History (MCRH), established in 1998, is the leading centre in the North West for urban and regional history, with an impressive track record of public-facing and collaborative research projects ... The Centre’s experts provide consultancy to museums, media organisations, local authorities and community groups, as well as national and international partners in evaluating heritage projects. Our strengths in community histories and oral history-based research bridge the gap between academic history and the public, encouraging people to join in a process of co-production whereby they are engaged producing history as well as consuming it.'

Also indexedManchester Centre for Regional History

'Devoted to encouraging the widest possible participation in historical study and debate. It is an outreach and research centre supported by a two-way partnership between Birkbeck, University of London and Queen Mary, University of London, dedicated to exploring public, interdisciplinary and experimental history across periods and regions.'

Also indexedBirkbeck, University of London | Queen Mary, University of London

'Founded in 1868, the Royal Historical Society (RHS) is a successful learned society, membership organisation and charity with a 150 year history. Today, the RHS is the UK’s foremost society working for historians and history ... The Royal Historical Society runs a varied programme of events throughout the year, including our own prestigious lectures, and twice-yearly symposia hosted by history departments around the UK. The Society also provides a listing of history-focused events across the UK.'

'Our mission is to uphold Sir Martin Gilbert’s legacy for future generations, using his scholarship, integrity and principles as a guide for those who wish to learn from history. We aim to bring historical learning to wide audiences, and to engage people of diverse ages and backgrounds. We run a varied programme that includes lectures, events, courses, and essay competitions about the subjects closest to Martin’s heart: the Holocaust, Churchill, Israel, and modern Jewish history. We aim to reach young people in particular, inspiring them to love history and helping them acquire skills of historical enquiry.'

'The Society takes an interest in every aspect of human history from the earliest social formations to modern society, its culture and political activities. We encourage anyone with an interest in our history to join us and participate in our activities. The Society is particularly interested in the struggles of labour, women, progressive and peace movements throughout the world, as well as the movements and achievements of working class communities, colonial peoples, black people, and other oppressed groups seeking social justice, human dignity and liberation.'

'Warwick Words is a festival of the written and spoken word in the historic town of Warwick ... Warwick Words has been hosting annual Festivals in Warwick since 2002 ... In 2016, the Festival became specifically a History Festival, focussing on events with a theme of the past: Warwick is the ideal location for a History Festival, with its own rich history and a wealth of historic buildings in which to stage our events.' Held Early October.

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