'A cultural organisation which works to further understanding of the Arab world in the United Kingdom. We organise and promote cultural and artistic events, and host a community of like-minded resident organisations at our central London premises.'

'Th UK’s only institution dedicated to advancing research and public education on Iraq in all areas of the arts, humanities and social sciences ... BISI has supported academic excellence and understanding of Iraq: funding projects, publishing vital research, organising conferences and public lectures, and re-training Iraq’s scholars and cultural heritage professionals.'

Our Aims  'To encourage and promote interest and study of the Middle Eastern cultural region from the end of classical antiquity to the present day in particular but not exclusively through the dissemination of information and by the encouragement of co-operation amongst persons concerned with the scholarly study of the region ... We offer funding and prizes to support and recognize the best research, to which all BRISMES members are eligible to apply. We also organise public annual lectures and the BRISMES Annual Conference, which draws participants from all over the world and attracts the latest research on all aspects of Middle East Studies in Britain and beyond.'

'A not-for-profit cross-party organisation whose mission is to work for a British Middle East policy that promotes conflict resolution, human rights and civil society in the Arab world through informed debate and mutual understanding ... Caabu run a variety of events on issues related to the Arab World. These include regular events with leading experts. Some are public, some for members only and some exclusive briefings for politicians.'

'One of the foremost academic institutions in the UK offering research and taught degree programmes in a wide range of areas within the field of Arab, Middle Eastern, and Islamic Studies. We offer Arabic and Middle East languages as well as comprehensive education in the literatures and cultures of the Arab world and Middle East, the history, politics, economies, societies, and anthropology of the region and almost every aspect of Islamic studies from medieval to modern Islam ... The Institute holds the Gulf Conference and a seminar and lecture series featuring distinguished scholars and public figures from the Islamic world and the West.'

'Exists to promote research relating to the Arabian Peninsula and, in particular, its archaeology, history, epigraphy, languages, literature, art, culture, ethnography, geography, geology and natural history. It does this by ... [amongst other activities] ... organizing lectures and conferences, in particular the annual Seminar for Arabian Studies.'

'Originally founded in 1911 as The Persia Society, the Iran Society acts as a forum for those who are interested in Iran’s heritage and culture. Its object is to promote general knowledge of Iran. Seven lectures a year are held between October and June on Iran’s history, culture, architecture, economy, environment and many other general subjects. The society is strictly non-political. A journal is published annually and there are occasional study days in London museums to look at manuscripts, carpets, ceramics etc. Lectures are for members only,'

'The leading Higher Education institution in Europe specialising in the study of Asia, Africa and the Near and Middle East ... With our vast repository of knowledge and expertise on our specialist regions, we are uniquely placed to inform and shape current thinking about the economic, political, cultural, security and religious challenges of our world.'

'Founded in 1969. Its aims are to encourage and co-ordinate scholarship on Libya and to foster relations between Libyan scholars and those working outside Libya on Libyan subjects. In this regard, it seeks through its activities to ... hold lectures and meetings for Society members and other interested parties ...'

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