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'Established in 2007, Literary Festivals UK provides a dedicated online platform to promote community Literary Festivals and authors from the UK and Ireland. Over 350 literary festivals are listed and hundreds of authors. The site gets 10,000 visitors a week in peak season with social media reach in excess of 3 million pa.'

* Literary Festivals UK
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Usually held late February/early March.

Aldeburgh Literary Festival, The
Visits to the Website1414
Views of 'Full' Record2279
Althorp Literary Festival
Visits to the Website1258
Views of 'Full' Record1717
Appledore Book Festival
Visits to the Website1740
Views of 'Full' Record1864
Aspects Irish Literature Festival
Visits to the Website996
Views of 'Full' Record1398
Aye Write: Glasgow's Book Festival
Visits to the Website1346
Views of 'Full' Record1345
Ayot Literary Festival, The
Visits to the Website864
Views of 'Full' Record1247
Bath Children's Literature Festival
Visits to the Website1591
Views of 'Full' Record1363

ALERT 'The Bath Literature Festival has now been superseded by The Bath Festival, a new multi-arts festival with literature and music at its heart.'

Bath Literature Festival
Visits to the Website1026
Views of 'Full' Record1424

The Proms have held 'free introductory events each day designed to give you a fascinating context to the music and artists featured in the BBC Proms season ...' ALERT Does not seem to have been held as such in recent seasons.

BBC Proms Plus Literary
Visits to the Website1110
Views of 'Full' Record1367
Biggar Little Festival
Visits to the Website1067
Views of 'Full' Record1253
Birmingham Literature Festival
Visits to the Website1798
Views of 'Full' Record1478

ALERT 'We're taking a wee break this year to properly plan for the future.'

Black Isle Words
Visits to the Website842
Views of 'Full' Record1270
Blenheim Palace Literary Festival at Woodstock, The
Visits to the Website2200
Views of 'Full' Record2604

Latest Dates 18 April - 16 June 2013. ALERT No Festivals more recent found.

Book & Media Festival
Visits to the Website892
Views of 'Full' Record1111

ALERT The Festival with this Title does not seem to have been held recently.

Books, Borders & Bikes
Visits to the Website1246
Views of 'Full' Record1135
Borderlines Carlisle Book Festival
Visits to the Website746
Views of 'Full' Record1744
Borders Book Festival
Visits to the Website1427
Views of 'Full' Record1332
Boswell Book Festival
Visits to the Website1048
Views of 'Full' Record1622

Usually held early November.

Bridport Literary Festival
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Views of 'Full' Record1712

Held 'each October, with extra events during the year'.

Bristol Festival of Literature
Visits to the Website969
Also indexedUnputdownable | LoveBristol
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Broadstairs Dickens Festival
Visits to the Website1279
Views of 'Full' Record1518
Brontë Society Summer Festival
Visits to the Website775
Views of 'Full' Record1728
Brympton Festival - Literature Music Art
Visits to the Website771
Views of 'Full' Record1970
Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival
Visits to the Website1465
Views of 'Full' Record1582

Latest Dates 1-3 November 2013. ALERT Festival not held in recent years.

Burnham Market Book Festival, The
Visits to the Website641
Views of 'Full' Record1795
Caerleon Festival, The
Visits to the Website1330
Views of 'Full' Record1870

Usually held Late June, with a Winter Festival late November.

Cambridge Literary Festival
Visits to the Website1120
Views of 'Full' Record1509
Chalfont St Giles and Jordans Literary Festival, The
Visits to the Website870
Views of 'Full' Record1604

‘The largest festival in the UK dedicated entirely to History ... So much to see and do. Offering a unique blend of talks, discussions & debates alongside a vast living history through-the-ages encampment, interactive living history events, fabulous food and drinks, shopping emporium and stunning air displays ~ a celebration of history like no other ...’ Held Late June.

Chalke Valley History Festival
Visits to the Website1899
Views of 'Full' Record2938
Charleston Festival
Visits to the Website782
Views of 'Full' Record1175

'The 7th Charmouth Literary Festival Festival will be in October 2017, dates to be confirmed.' Alert Could not find any details of any future Festivals.

Charmouth Literary Festival
Visits to the Website876
Views of 'Full' Record1237

Alert This Entry originally related to the Essar Chester Literature Festival. I have replaced the Link with one to the Chester Literature Festival held Mid November. Storyhouse is 'Chester’s brand new £37m theatre, library, cinema and arts centre. The restored and revitalised 1930s Odeon building now houses an 800-seat auditorium, a 200-seat studio theatre, a restaurant and two bars and a 100-seat boutique cinema'.

Chester Literature Festival
Visits to the Website899
Also indexedStoryhouse
Views of 'Full' Record1749
Chipping Campden Literature Festival
Visits to the Website752
Views of 'Full' Record1120
Chipping Norton Literary Festival
Visits to the Website969
Views of 'Full' Record1122
Chiswick Book Festival
Visits to the Website965
Views of 'Full' Record1689

Usually held early March. Throughout the year an extensive series of book talks, signings etc hosted by the Chorleywood (and Gerrards Cross) Bookshop.

Chorleywood Children's Litfest
Visits to the Website1185
Views of 'Full' Record2075

Calendar of Events throughout the year. Alert 'Since 2011 The Cowbridge Book Festival has been pleased to offer followers of the Festival a varied and stimulating series of events. However, due to circumstances beyond our control we are no longer able to continue with Book Festival Events.' [28 April 2016]

Cowbridge Book Festival
Visits to the Website637
Views of 'Full' Record1053

Usually held mid-October.

Daniel Owen Festival
Visits to the Website887
Views of 'Full' Record1326
Dinefwr Literature Festival
Visits to the Website1007
Views of 'Full' Record1117

Dulwich Books is an award-winning independent bookshop based in West Dulwich. We were shortlisted for Best Independent Bookshop in London at the British Book Awards 2017. We host literary events at a range of venues across South London ... The Dulwich Literary Festival is presented in partnership with Dulwich College, our generous venue sponsor. Dulwich College, founded in 1619 by Edward Alleyn, is an academically selective independent boys’ school. In 2019 the College will celebrate its quatercentenary with a programme of special events and activities, several of which will be open to the public.’ Festival held Early November.

Dulwich Literary Festival
Visits to the Website61
Also indexedDulwich Books | Dulwich College
Views of 'Full' Record85
Durham Book Festival
Visits to the Website679
Views of 'Full' Record1136

Fringe Festival held mid-August.

Edinburgh Book Fringe
Visits to the Website695
Also indexedWord Power Books
Views of 'Full' Record1119
Edinburgh City of Literature
Visits to the Website860
Views of 'Full' Record1082
Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair
Visits to the Website750
Also indexedThe Alternative Book Festival
Views of 'Full' Record1760
Edinburgh International Book Festival
Visits to the Website719
Named Lectures & TalksDonald Dewar Memorial Lecture
Views of 'Full' Record1065

Usually held each year during March.

Essex Book Festival
Visits to the Website1207
Views of 'Full' Record975
Faclan Hebridean Book Festival
Visits to the Website1234
Views of 'Full' Record1659

‘We are a bright and breezy book festival with a diverse mix of events that cover everything from politics to sport, crime fiction to romance. We exist for those who always have their head buried in a book and those who haven’t yet fully experienced the wonder of reading.’ Held Late June.

Felixstowe Book Festival
Visits to the Website88
Views of 'Full' Record74

‘Occupying the space where science and culture collide, the festival will bring together design music, art, science, food, books and theatre. We’re working with partners across the city and throughout Scotland to bring you brand new commissions, world class performers, authors and the best events for kids.‘ Held Mid October.

Festival of the Future
Visits to the Website663
Also indexedDundee Literary Festival
Views of 'Full' Record1542
Folkestone Book Festival
Visits to the Website992
Views of 'Full' Record1497
Fowey Festival of Arts and Literature
Visits to the Website999
Also indexedDu Maurier Festival Society | Fowey Festival of Words and Music
Views of 'Full' Record1647
Frinton Literary Festival
Visits to the Website838
Also indexedCaxton Books & Gallery
Views of 'Full' Record2261
FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival, The
Visits to the Website610
Views of 'Full' Record1176
Graham Greene International Festival
Visits to the Website582
Also indexedGraham Greene Birthplace Trust
Views of 'Full' Record1372
Greenbelt Festival
Visits to the Website749
Also indexedGreenbelt Festival
Views of 'Full' Record1279
Guildford Book Festival
Visits to the Website1158
Views of 'Full' Record960

Held in JW3 - London Jewish Cultural Centre - Mid September.

Hampstead & Highgate Literary Festival
Visits to the Website1013
Also indexedJW3
Views of 'Full' Record1004

'We are taking something of a break this year after two years of frantic activity. However, we are still organising a few special events to "keep the seat warm" in September/October for 2016.' Alert Website now no longer.

Havant Literary Festival
Visits to the Website633
Views of 'Full' Record929

‘The Hay Festival’ itself: Usually held late May/early June.

Hay Festival
Visits to the Website576
Views of 'Full' Record1023
Headingley LitFest
Visits to the Website689
Views of 'Full' Record1156

Usually held late September/early October.

Henley Literary Festival
Visits to the Website2117
Views of 'Full' Record934

Usually held late April/early May.

Hexham Book Festival
Visits to the Website918
Views of 'Full' Record1706
Huddersfield Literature Festival
Visits to the Website952
Views of 'Full' Record975
Hungerford Literary Festival
Visits to the Website686
Views of 'Full' Record1234
Ilkley Literature Festival
Visits to the Website1652
Views of 'Full' Record1636
Imprint Book Festival
Visits to the Website1604
Views of 'Full' Record2268
International Agatha Christie Festival
Visits to the Website1136
Views of 'Full' Record1592

Usually held late August. Alert 'NessBookFest has been organised by writers and book fans disappointed by the winding up of Inverness Book Festival in 2015 after a 10-year run ... Inverness Book Festival had been held at Eden Court from 2004 to 2014.'

Inverness Book Festival
Visits to the Website800
Views of 'Full' Record958

'Set against the stunning backdrop of Scotland's whisky isle, Islay Book Festival is a community event which draws a lively audience from locals and visitors alike. Growing out of a small book club in Port Ellen, our volunteer-run festival is part of Islay's busy annual events calendar and Argyll's thriving cultural scene.' Held Early October.

Islay Book Festival
Visits to the Website729
Views of 'Full' Record1172

Usually held mid-September.

Jane Austen Festival
Visits to the Website1131
Also indexedJane Austen Centre
Views of 'Full' Record1600
Kempsford Literary Festival
Visits to the Website1145
Views of 'Full' Record2385

'The King's Lynn Literature Festivals are held during a single weekend in March (Fiction) and September (Poetry) each year. Our guiding principle, initiated by King's Lynn's finest, Tony Ellis and co-founder, the late George MacBeth, is to present some of the best contemporary writers of chapter and verse in a friendly and informal setting.' Held Mid March (Fiction).

Kings Lynn Fiction Festival
Visits to the Website790
Views of 'Full' Record1460
Knutsford Literature Festival
Visits to the Website793
Views of 'Full' Record2469

Usually held mid-March.

Lancaster Litfest
Visits to the Website1000
Views of 'Full' Record1576
Lavenham Literary Festival
Visits to the Website770
Views of 'Full' Record1740

Lichfield Festival runs the annual Literature Festival, a week-long book Festival.’ Held Early March.

Lichfield Literary Festival
Visits to the Website906
Views of 'Full' Record2211

'We are Beverley Literature Festival and Bridlington Poetry Festival, a celebration of all things literary in the East Riding of Yorkshire.'

Visits to the Website1339
Views of 'Full' Record3310
Literary Leicester Festival
Visits to the Website526
Views of 'Full' Record1322
London Literature Festival
Visits to the Website814
Views of 'Full' Record925
LSE Space for Thought Literary Festival
Visits to the Website507
Also indexedLondon School of Economics and Political Science
Views of 'Full' Record947
Manchester Literature Festival
Visits to the Website1016
Views of 'Full' Record894

Usually held late September/early October.

Marlborough Literature Festival
Visits to the Website1407
Views of 'Full' Record1028
Mere Literary Festival
Visits to the Website696
Views of 'Full' Record1841
Milngavie Book & Arts Festival
Visits to the Website763
Views of 'Full' Record1262

Usually held late August/early September.

Nairn Book & Arts Festival
Visits to the Website1154
Views of 'Full' Record1408

Started in 2016 after the demise of the Inverness Book Festival. Second Festival held Early October [2017].

Ness BookFest
Visits to the Website192
Views of 'Full' Record344
Off The Page
Visits to the Website1340
Also indexedStirling Council Libraries Communities & Culture
Views of 'Full' Record1383
Off the Shelf Festival of Words
Visits to the Website1412
Views of 'Full' Record1986
One Culture: the Royal Society Festival of Literature and the Arts
Visits to the Website939
Views of 'Full' Record1746

Alert At Review, could not find details of any planned future Festivals.

Oswestry Festival of the Word
Visits to the Website868
Views of 'Full' Record990

'The Festival of Literature holds many one-off events throughout the year. They continue to be planned and hosted to a very high standard, but are no longer confined to one week in March.'

Oundle Festival of Literature
Visits to the Website982
Views of 'Full' Record1315
Peckham Literary Festival
Visits to the Website1307
Also indexedReview Bookshop | Persepolis
Views of 'Full' Record2025
Penzance Literary Festival
Visits to the Website1253
Views of 'Full' Record999

Festival takes place in the second half of July, with a Literary Weekend in November.

Petworth Festival
Visits to the Website1135
Also indexedPetworth Festival Literary Weekend
Views of 'Full' Record1451

Usually held late February/early March.

Portsmouth BookFest
Visits to the Website593
Also indexedPortsmouth City Library Service | The Hayling Island Bookshop | CSI Portsmouth
Views of 'Full' Record877
Proms at St Jude's Literary Weekend
Visits to the Website791
Views of 'Full' Record1188

‘A festival of books and words, tales, talks and ideas taking place across Richmond upon Thames each November.’

Richmond upon Thames Literature Festival
Visits to the Website791
Views of 'Full' Record1115

Usually held late September/early October.

Richmond Walking & Book Festival
Visits to the Website595
Views of 'Full' Record874
Scarborough Book Festival
Visits to the Website1418
Also indexedScarborough Literature Festival | Books by the Beach
Views of 'Full' Record1650

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  371. Rhondda Cynon Taf
  372. Rhyl
  373. Richmond (North Yorks)
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  376. Ripon
  377. Rochdale
  378. Romsey
  379. Ross-on-Wye
  380. Rotherham
  381. Royal Leamington Spa
  382. Royal Tunbridge Wells
  383. Rugby
  384. Ruthin
  385. Sale
  386. Salford
  387. Salisbury
  388. Saltash
  389. Sandbach
  390. Scarborough
  391. Scunthorpe
  392. Selby
  393. Selly Oak
  394. Sevenoaks
  395. Sheffield
  396. Sherborne
  397. Shetland Islands
  398. Shrewsbury
  399. Sidmouth
  400. Skipton
  401. Solihull
  402. South Ayrshire
  403. South Lanarkshire
  404. South Shields
  405. Southampton
  406. Southend-on-Sea
  407. Southport
  408. Southwark
  409. Southwell
  410. Spalding
  411. St Albans
  412. St Andrews
  413. St Austell
  414. St Helens
  415. St Ives
  416. Stafford
  417. Staines-upon-Thames
  418. Stamford
  419. Stevenage
  420. Stirling
  421. Stockport
  422. Stockton-on-Tees
  423. Stoke-on-Trent
  424. Stow-on-the-Wold
  425. Stowmarket
  426. Stratford-on-Avon
  427. Stroud
  428. Sudbury
  429. Sunderland
  430. Sutton (London)
  431. Sutton Coldfield
  432. Swaffham
  433. Swanage
  434. Swansea
  435. Swindon
  436. Tamworth
  437. Taunton
  438. Tavistock
  439. Teignmouth
  440. Telford
  441. Tenterden
  442. Tewkesbury
  443. Thame (Oxon)
  444. Thornbury
  445. Tiverton
  446. Torfaen
  447. Torquay
  448. Totnes
  449. Towcester
  450. Tower Hamlets
  451. Trowbridge
  452. Truro
  453. Ullapool
  454. Ulverston
  455. Uppingham
  456. Vale of Glamorgan
  457. Wadebridge
  458. Wakefield
  459. Wallasey
  460. Wallsend
  461. Walsall
  462. Waltham Forest
  463. Walton-on-Thames
  464. Wandsworth
  465. Warrington
  466. Warwick
  467. Watford
  468. Wellingborough
  469. Wells (City)
  470. Welwyn Garden City
  471. West Bridgford
  472. West Bromwich
  473. West Lothian
  474. Westminster
  475. Weston-Super-Mare
  476. Wetherby
  477. Weymouth
  478. Whitchurch
  479. Whitehaven
  480. Wick (Highland)
  481. Wigan
  482. Wigston
  483. Wilmslow
  484. Wimborne Minster
  485. Winchester
  486. Windermere
  487. Windsor
  488. Wisbech
  489. Witney
  490. Woking
  491. Wolverhampton
  492. Woodbridge
  493. Worcester
  494. Workington
  495. Worksop
  496. Worthing
  497. Wrexham
  498. Yate
  499. Yeovil
  500. York (City)