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The Mission of the Erasmus Darwin Foundation is 'to promote international awareness of the life and achievements of Erasmus Darwin (1731-1802) and the manner in which they relate to today’s world and to do this in a way that is enjoyable and easily understood by all'. Erasmus Darwin House is 'a stunning Grade I listed Georgian house with a Palladian front a stone’s throw away from Lichfield Cathedral'. Amongst a range of events, the House organizes the Lunar Lectures Series, held monthly 'on the night of the full moon'.

Also indexedLunar Lecture Series

'A charity that provides inspiring multi-arts experiences for anyone and everyone in the Midlands and beyond ... We aim to inspire creativity through performance and participation at our annual summer Festival, with diverse events and activity ranging from dance to drama, classical music to comedy and folk to family workshops. Alongside our ticketed events, we run a full programme of free events and Aspire! - a year-round learning and participation programme in schools and the community.' Normally held Mid July.

'Since its formation in 1985 the Society’s membership has grown to over 370, amateurs and professionals, of all ages and from all walks of life. It has held more than 200 lectures ... and has arranged more than 150 visits. The Society’s steady growth in membership, the growth of its reputation in the Lichfield area and beyond and the regular “full house” attendances make it the envy of many similar groups and a tribute to the many people who have served it ... The Society’s reputation is such that it can attract speakers respected in their professions from all over the UK and from abroad; surgeons, engineers, biologists, chemists, physicists, archaeologists, medical doctors, in fact anyone with an authoritative view on an interesting subject.'

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