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'During the past 60 years, criminology has emerged as one of the most dynamic and fastest growing disciplines. Today, it stands on clear commitments to methodological rigor, interdisciplinary theory and concepts of rights and justice. The British Society of Criminology continues as a meeting point for a growing network of supporters committed to critical dialogue within our multi-faceted and diverse discipline ... The BSC attracts criminologists from the four nations of the UK and across the globe. Regional groups and specialist networks means that there is always something going on and this helps to secure the dynamic future of the discipline.'

'At the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, we envisage a society less dominated by criminalisation and punishment, because we find better ways to prevent and address the problems we face. Through our collaborations, local, national and international, we take practical steps to achieve this vision in the here and now. We also acknowledge the significant barriers we face. As the pace of social, economic and technological change is quickening, our approach to law and order is stuck in the past. After years of legislative hyperactivity, there is an abundance of law, and an absence of order. Too many communities are over-policed and under-protected. All-too-often, unnecessary criminalisation compounds, rather than addresses, problems. We are committed to working with others to mark out transformative solutions to the problems we face, and to address the harmful consequences of our over-reliance on policing, prosecution and punishment.'

'Established in 2000 and has rapidly achieved an international reputation for its innovative policy research and its consultancy projects, in particular in the fields of creative industries and emerging technologies ... Our public lectures series on topical issues of intellectual property law and policy is open to anyone to attend, but registration is required.'

'Combar is the specialist association of the English and Welsh Bar for commercial barristers advising the international business community.' Once per year - usually in November - the Association holds an Annual Lecture to which 'all are welcome'.

Far-reaching and wide-ranging, the Howard League’s work is aimed at reducing crime and making communities safer, with fewer people in prison ... We host many speeches, seminars and conferences throughout the year.'

'We strive for a fair, accessible, and equal justice system. Our work aims at making practical, realistic, and timely changes, addressing some of the most urgent issues facing the United Kingdom’s legal framework. We use our voice to influence and improve policies and practice, while not being afraid to scrutinise and challenge developments in the justice system that threaten the country’s adherence to human rights and the rule of law ... We are a membership organisation, primarily of the legal profession, comprising barristers, solicitors, legal executives, academic lawyers, law students and interested non-lawyers.'

'The Centre is a collaboration between the Universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling and Strathclyde. The SCCJR aims to produce research that informs policy and practice and advances our understanding of justice.'

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