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'The free app that lets you access museums, galleries, and cultural spaces around the world anytime, anywhere. Dive in with digital guides, hear from artists, curators, and experts, and get the stories behind the exhibitions.'

Create a professional, seamless experience for your attendees at every stage of your online or in-person event ... Reach our global community of millions of event-goers in 170+ countries searching for things to do on Eventbrite.'

'The List sources, gathers, manages, publishes and distributes information on events and entertainment and creates associated editorial content including recommendations, interviews, previews, reviews and features. The company’s primary consumer publishing is a series of award-winning websites.'

Aim is 'to be a comprehensive guide to what's on throughout the country - ranging from the smallest village show or sale to events of national prominence. All are listed (without fear of favour!) closest first to potentially cut down on wasted travel'.

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