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'The Club was founded in 1922 by close associates of Carl Gustav Jung and continues today, building a community that explores Jung's ideas and concepts. Thursday Lectures offer a relaxed and informal way to listen to a variety of speakers covering a broad spectrum of subjects that intersect through Jungian Psychology. Saturday & Weekend Seminars offer an opportunity to delve deeper into particular themes and subjects ...'

LECTURES and TALKS2021-22 Programme

Monthly morning Public Lectures which are 'open to anyone with an interest in depth psychology and aim to make the original ideas of Jung more widely accessible and to provide a friendly and informal forum for the ongoing development of Analytical Psychology. The organising committee needs and encourages the support of interested individuals who wish to play an active part in shaping the future of this lecture series. Attending the lectures is an important first step in this direction'.

LECTURES and TALKS2021-22 Programme

'Offers a rich forum for anyone interested in understanding the relationship between spirituality, religion and depth psychology, with particular reference to the work and writings of C.G.Jung ... The Guild was initially established to encourage the study of psychology among clergy and other spiritual leaders, but today members come from all walks of life and enjoy the rich diversity of thinking and cultural backgrounds that the organisation attracts ... Many eminent psychologists and spiritual thinkers have spoken at the Guild, and the Guild’s Papers, based on those lectures have achieved international recognition.'

LECTURES and TALKS2021-22 Programme

'The Squiggle Foundation’s aims are: * To study the work of Dr. Donald Woods Winnicott (1896-1971) ; * To spread his ideas to a wide audience and put them into everyday use in today’s world ... D.W.W., as he was popularly known, was a paediatrician 
and psychoanalyst who built on Freud’s discoveries of 
how the mind works. His main emphasis was on the 
genuine flourishing of the "person" and the nurturing by the "other" of a "sense of self". Winnicott once said 
his concern was with "living persons, whole living and 
loving". His therapeutic aim was to enable his patients to live in a creative and authentic way.'

LECTURES and TALKS2021 Programme

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