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Searches for and Lists 'Brief' Records that have one or more than one character string within these of their Fields:

  • Category within the Directory
  • Title (of the Record)
  • Named Lectures & Talks (within the 'Full' Record)
  • "Nearby" Town/CityArea, and Region/Country within which the Venue for the Lectures/Talks is located
  • Also Indexed (used for parent bodies, other related organizations, alternative organization titles, etc)

Advanced Search

With Advanced Search you can search for Organizations in particular localities - either across the entire Directory; or just within a particular Subject Category. You can in addition filter Organizations that had planned 'online' lectures and talks when their Records were last Reviewed. When you enter search terms in more than one Field, Return results if all of the following conditions are met is equivalent to Boolean AND; Return results if any ... to Boolean OR.

Browse using the Subject Categories, the A-Z at the top of the page, or via the hyperlinks within each Record

The Subject Categorization system used is specially designed for this Directory. All sorts of facets can be used to arrange subject headings hierarchically, so you may well not find a subject (or indeed an organization) categorized where you might expect ... Occasionally, organizations are placed under more than one heading; but I only do this where it seems likely to be really useful.

Address is given if a particular place is usually used for lectures and talks

The address formerly generated a custom-made Google Map. But partly for cost reasons, but also because increasingly these days organizations are moving to 'online' lecture and talk delivery, I have suppressed this facility.

An Overview is often added to the 'Full' Record to give some brief information about the Provider and its Lectures and Talks

Note especially that this further information is simply copied from the relevant website (as is virtually all the other data in the Directory) and placed in 'single quotes'.

'Live' Online Lectures & Talks

Especially during 2020, many of the Organizations with Records in the Directory started offering 'live' Online Lectures & Talks. Those discovered at Review have been annotated ONLINE Lectures and Talks.


If you need more details ...

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