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‘An international membership organisation, open to all. Its concern is learning in later life. Its aims are to advance knowledge, to improve practice and to contribute to the development of policy. Through AEA, professionals, volunteers, academics, researchers, tutors, policy-makers and older people work together ... AEA holds events on later-life learning that should not be missed!‘

'The Department for Continuing Education exists to enable Oxford University to reach students beyond the full-time student body. We enhance the local, national and international impact of the University by engaging with audiences that the University would not otherwise reach, including through master’s and doctoral programmes in flexible formats, attracting high-calibre adult learners ... More than 15,000 students enrol on the Department’s programmes each year. They range in age from 18 to 98, and hail from more than 160 countries.'

'Explore Lifelong Learning provides a stimulating, entertaining and varied programme of expert led learning created to challenge your mind and deliver unique experiences. As well as expanding their minds, our members also expand their social circles through attending our dependable and reliable programme of events.'

Founded 1986 with a Purpose described as 'the advancement of education by the teaching of all subjects concomitant with a comprehensive and liberal education for the development of self-determined, rational, integral and versatile individuals' ... 'The Trustees take the view that the best way to fulfil this purpose is through the promulgation of the philosophy which formed the basis of Western civilisation, and which can be seen in various forms around the world whenever individuals and their societies seek the highest truths and the fullest and most beautiful expression of such truths in all areas of human life.'

"I've often defined my own social purpose as the creation of an educated and participating democracy"

​'The commitments of the Raymond Williams Foundation (RWF) are specifically within the spheres of Adult Education, community based and collective learning - the overall purpose of the RWF being to support the realisation of the "Long Revolution" (evoked in the quote above), for which Williams advocated though his work and throughout his life.'

'The UK’s largest voluntary sector provider of adult education in England and Scotland. Founded in 1903, the WEA (Workers’ Educational Association) is a charity dedicated to bringing high-quality, professional education into the heart of communities ... We believe every adult should have access to education and its benefits right on their doorstep. Currently, the opportunity for a better future is too often made inaccessible for reasons including cost, location and a lack of information. We are committed to removing any barriers so that individuals can improve their own life chances and have a positive impact on their communities and society as a whole. We’re different from further education colleges, because we reach and connect with those who need education most and who are often farthest from study.'

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