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'Founded in 1952, The Berlioz Society exists to promote awareness of the music, writings and life of the great French composer Hector Berlioz ... Our activities include at least two meetings a year in London. We also organise or inform members of visits to places associated with Berlioz, events and performances of his works. The main event of each year is a themed weekend—usually in November. This includes experts talking on subjects such as Berlioz's work and personality, the time and society in which he lived and the attitudes of his contemporaries—as well as recorded performances of his work, and a dinner with a guest speaker. The other event is a very popular summer meeting at the home of one of our members, with talks and music accompanied by an excellent lunch.'

'The Delius Society is a flourishing organisation whose aim is to bring together those interested in Frederick Delius and his music. Whilst the membership list includes leading Delius scholars and performers, the majority of members are not professional or even practising musicians and they join purely because of their curiosity in, or love for, the unique music of Delius.'

'Society events are normally held each spring, where talks and recitals enable members to explore Gurney’s verse and music.'

Founded 1984: 'The Society’s aim is to promote the knowledge and appreciation of the life & works of Richard Wagner ... We hold meetings monthly from September to June/July and a residential study course in the summer ... We welcome guests to our talks, and offer substantial discounts should you decide to become a member. Students are eligible for free membership and attendance at the talks.'

'Exists for the promotion of knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the life and works of Richard Wagner and is affiliated to the  Richard Wagner Verband International. The Society’s activities include regular meetings, talks, study days, concerts and master-classes held in Central London, for which a modest charge is made.'

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