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'Barrow Hill Roundhouse is the last surviving railway roundhouse in the United Kingdom with an operational turntable. Built in 1870, it was threatened with demolition in 1991 when the site was closed by British Rail.  It was saved by a group of dedicated volunteers who have transformed it into a unique railway museum and events venue ... The Roundhouse has an exciting calendar of events throughout the year including regular favourites such as the Rail Ale Beer & Music Festival and a series of weekend themed activities for all the family.'

'Studying paranormal phenomena such as: auras, dowsing, ghosts, hypnosis, mediumship, poltergeists, reincarnation, Spiritualism, telepathy and UFOs, since 1982 ... CPSG runs a monthly programme of talks, demonstrations and videos relating to the paranormal. The group's secretary arranges for a different speaker to join us at each meeting, in order to give a talk on, or to demonstrate, a particular aspect of the subject.'

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