About Open Lectures and Talks

  • The information in the Open Lectures and Talks Directory has all been gathered from publicly accessible websites, for the most part 'copying and pasting' minimal data needed to help you decide whether the cited Organization is worth pursuing further.
  • Wherever possible, I let each body 'speak for itself'. I make no attempt to evaluate the relative worth of the Organizations I have chosen to describe in the Directory; and of course I am not responsible for the content of the external websites whose URLs I cite.
  • This approach helps reduce the effort of creating and maintaining the Records in the Directory. It should also ensure some variety in the presentations - especially welcome for those subject categories that have whole hosts of very similar societies.
  • Naturally, if you are interested in attending an Organization's lectures/talks, I don't expect you to rely on my website but to check out the latest details with the Organization itself.
  • If an Organization or its website seems relatively notable, interesting or recondite, I have often prepared a fuller Record - aiming thus to give you a more rewarding browse around the Directory than might otherwise have been the case.
  • The Record Field URL was last checked should give the date when I last linked to the relevant website. Almost always, all that I confirm is that the URL still takes one where one would expect to be taken. But if I notice that changes need to be made in some other part of my Record, I will do this.  Naturally, I am always ready to receive notifications of updates to their Sites from Website Masters (or Mistresses): please use the Feedback Form.
  • Let me know also if there is an Organization that could usefully be listed here and whose details I have not yet captured. But note that an Organization is normally only referenced in the Directory if it provides a readily accessible schedule of its forthcoming lectures and talks (and it actually organizes lectures/talks ... !).
  • On the other hand, tell me if for any reason you do NOT want your Organization to be listed in the Directory and I will remove its entry.

The prime objective is to provide as direct as possible access to the forthcoming events programmes of the Organizations listed

  • However, quite often the link needed to access the Organization's latest 'Events' website page seems likely to change frequently, or the URL does not vary as one moves around the different parts of the website, or the programme itself is a PDF or a DOC, or whatever. In these cases you will usually need to navigate to the relevant page from the website Link I have given.
  • Lastly, during the latter part of 2020, I started to indicate those Organizations which were advertising forthcoming 'live' online lectures and talks when their Websites were reviewed. It will be interesting to see how many of these Organizations continue to offer virtual versions of their lectures and talks once - as we hope will happen in 2021 - their participants are able to go back to meeting face-to-face.


Ray Lester started off in science and finished his working life managing library, computing and networking systems at The London Business School and later The Natural History Museum. He subsequently created and maintains this Website simply as an interesting challenge - and because he likes lectures and talks ! This is a personal interest website - as are two similar Websites: Open Paths and Trails and Open Concerts and Recitals.

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