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  • The information in the Open Lectures and Talks Directory has all been gathered from publicly accessible websites, for the most part 'copying and pasting' minimal data needed to help you decide whether the cited Organization is worth pursuing further. 'Open' denotes that in principle anyone can listen to the referenced Lectures and Talks - though of course often you will have first to join the offering Organization, pay a fee, book ahead, or whatever.


  • On the other hand, it is frequently surprising just how many virtual lectures and talks can nowadays be accessed freely without hindrance - if not 'live' when they are first given, then as recent recordings. Given the economic and social position many bodies, particularly the smaller ones, now find themselves in, it will be interesting to see how long this situation will continue.


  • Wherever possible, I let each body 'speak for itself'. I make no attempt to evaluate the relative worth of the Organizations I have chosen to describe in the Directory; and of course I am not responsible for the content of the external websites whose URLs I cite.


  • This approach helps reduce the effort of creating and maintaining the Records in the Directory. It can also provide variety in the presentations - especially welcome for those subject categories that have whole hosts of very similar societies.


  • Partly for the same reason, I have also made considerable use of what I term a Grouping facility: providing internal Links to geographically distinct local, area and regional Records from a parent Record but usually not feeling the need individually to describe the characteristics of those branches, affiliates, subsidiaries, related organizations, etc.


  • Naturally, if you are interested in attending an Organization's lectures/talks - in person or online, I don't expect you to rely on my website but to check out the latest details with the Organization itself.



Ray Lester started off in science and finished his working life managing library, computing and networking systems at The London Business School and later The Natural History Museum. He subsequently created and maintains this Website simply as an interesting challenge - and because he likes lectures and talks ! This is a personal interest website - as are two similar Websites: Open Paths and Trails and Open Concerts and Recitals.


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