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Organize the Katherine Mansfield Society Annual Birthday Lecture - usually in the Autumn.

'Founded in 1980 by Owen Powell with the support of Keele University ... we are regarded as Europe's largest continuing educational initiative in international politics. It is our privilege to welcome a wide range of distinguished speakers to each annual series of 24 Thursday evening meetings. Many members of the House of Lords and Commons speak here, along with ambassadors, academics from Britain’s leading universities, national journalists, and others.'

Category Europe

'The Greek word 'kefi', which means good humour, perfectly describes the tone of the club. We meet monthly from October to July ... About seven of our meetings centre on talks by club members or invited speakers on Greece-related subjects including for example: ancient and recent history, mythology and its impact, ancient philosophy, art and music, life and travel in Greece today and, by no means least, Greek food.'

Category Keighley

Member of the Local History Societies - Yorkshire (West) Grouping

Category Keighley

Member of The Inter Faith Network for the UK Grouping

Category Aberdeenshire

Member of the Scottish Beekeepers' Association Grouping

Category Worcester

Member of the Photographic Societies - Worcestershire Grouping

Category Bedford

Member of the Photographic Societies - Bedfordshire Grouping

'The British Beekeepers Association's local area association for beekeepers located in the South Lakeland and Kendal area.'

'Ab annual, four-day long Festival dedicated to sharing awe-inspiring, life-affirming stories from the world of outdoor adventure. Situated in the picturesque town of Kendal, Cumbria, UK - join us and we'll take you on a journey to the wildest reaches of the globe through film, literature, speaker events, music, art, dance and parties.' Normally held Mid November.

Category Kendal

Member of the Photographic Societies - Cumbria Grouping

Category Arts Festivals

'Kenilworth Arts Festival is an annual, multi-genre festival, launched in 2016. The festival takes place over 10 days in September, with events, workshops and exhibitions held in various venues around the historic town of Kenilworth, Warwickshire. At the heart of our programming is a desire to celebrate outstanding, original new work within the contemporary arts.'

Category Newbury

Member of the Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers Grouping

'Dedicated to the advancement of apiculture (bee-keeping) and the promotion, fostering and encouraging of education therein ... Most of its work is done through local branches, which aim to educate bee-keepers about bee-keeping and to inform, and hopefully enthuse, the public about the magic and mystery of honey bees. There are twelve branches of the Kent Bee-Keepers’ Association.'

Category Deal

Member of the Kent Family History Society Grouping

'Bringing together the horticultural and garden societies of Kent and the South East.'

Category Gardens Trusts

'At Kent Gardens Trust, we believe that gardens, parks and other designed green spaces are a vital part of our heritage. Over the centuries, they have often been a source of pride and pleasure to people seeking peace and tranquillity in a busy world ... The Trust organises a series of events throughout the year, including talks and visits to interesting and significant gardens. These occasions are designed to be both enjoyable and informative. They provide a good opportunity for members to meet new people and renew old acquaintances, usually over lunch or tea. But they also provide an opportunity to increase our awareness and understanding of Kent's garden heritage. Many of the gardens we visit are not normally open to the general public.'

'A group of people who are interested in all aspects of geology, but especially in the geology of Kent. The membership includes a wide variety of people from beginners to experts, young and old, brought together by a fascination for the beauty of what lies beneath their feet. Interests are also very wide and include palaeontologists and fossil collectors, mineralogists and mineral collectors, stratigraphers and others. Many of the members, however, do not specialize but have a wide general interest in geology. This mix of people and subjects makes for a very friendly group.'

Category Kent

Member of the Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers Grouping

Category Kent

Member of the Local Humanist Groups Grouping

Category Kent

Member of the Mammal Society Grouping

Category Kent

Member of the Local Nature Partnerships: England Grouping

Category Kent

Member of the Amphibian and Reptile Groups of the UK Grouping

Category Truro

Member of The Quekett Microscopical Club Grouping

'The committee of The Keswick Lecture Society have reluctantly decided , in the light of the developing situation concerning The Omicron virus , that the series of lectures that we had planned to commence on 18th January 2022 will be postponed until October 2022. We hope that the planned speakers will fully understand our dilemma and be willing to be part of our much postponed 152nd series. We will be assessing the situation again in July but we sincerely hope that we can welcome everyone back in October.'

'Over the past three decades, the Khalili Foundation has been a global leader in promoting interfaith and intercultural relations. The Foundation has supported and driven a number of internationally recognised projects that use the power of art, culture, education and the natural environment to bring people together. Our partners include UNESCO, Commonwealth and Prince’s Trust.'

Category Kidderminster

Member of the Photographic Societies - Worcestershire Grouping

Category Kidderminster

Member of the Gardening and Horticultural Societies - Worcestershire Grouping

Category Oxford

Member of the Photographic Societies - Oxfordshire Grouping

Category East Ayrshire

Member of the Photographic Societies - Southern Scotland Grouping

Category Aylesbury

Member of the Gardening and Horticultural Societies - Buckinghamshire Grouping

Category St Neots

Member of the Local History Societies - Cambridgeshire Grouping

'Throughout the year King's hosts a number of research seminars, talks and academic conferences, many of which are open to the wider student body and general public.'

'Our aim is to promote all aspects of astronomy to all ages, beginners and experienced, and to provide a suitable location where all those interested can meet and share knowledge and experience. We meet on the second and fourth Mondays of each month ... Talks / events and observations are scheduled for meetings ... However, this schedule may be varied in order to take advantage of good viewing conditions. If weather conditions are favourable we also meet on the other Mondays for an evening devoted to observation. These sessions are ideal for all levels of experience and members and non-members can gain a practical view of the night sky. No equipment is necessary as various pieces of equipment will be available for non-members to use.'

The King's Lynn ‍Literature ‍Festivals ‍are ‍held during ‍a ‍single ‍weekend ‍in ‍March ‍(Fiction) ‍and ‍September ‍(Poetry) ‍each ‍year. Our guiding principle ... is to present some of the ‍best ‍contemporary ‍writers ‍of ‍chapter ‍and ‍verse ‍in ‍a ‍friendly ‍and ‍informal ‍setting. ‍You ‍will ‍see ‍authors ‍of ‍international ‍repute ‍alongside ‍new, ‍from ‍all ‍age ‍ranges ‍and from ‍locations ‍across ‍the ‍world. ‍Meet ‍the ‍writers, ‍hear ‍them ‍reading ‍and ‍buy ‍their ‍books.'

Category Totnes

Member of the Local History Societies - Devon Grouping

'Talks and discussions on a range of fascinating philosophical topics, seriously and rigorously in a convivial setting – meaningful conversation about interesting ideas with interested people.'

Category Bristol

Member of the Local History Societies - Avon Grouping

Category Solihull

Member of the Photographic Societies - Birmingham and Around Grouping

'We are a group with an interest in science who meet once a month for an informal discussion – with a drink – about a scientific or technical topic, led by an invited expert. Knutsford SciBar meetings are held on the second Monday of each month ... Usually there is no meeting in August. Time: 7.30pm – arrive early to get a drink and a good seat.'

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