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Philosophy For All

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Open Lectures & Talks
'All debates are on Saturdays, from 2.30 to 4 pm. By debate we don't mean exactly what is normally meant by that word (following Humpty-Dumpty's example in Alice.) In our debates, a topic is introduced by a speaker (or speakers) who will normally speak for less than twenty minutes before opening the topic to the floor and moderating the ensuing discussion.'
Bishopsgate Institute, 230 Bishopsgate, The City, EC2M 4QH, London,
Historic County
Some more information
PFA also offer: monthly lectures at Kant's Cave (see separate entry herein); philosophical walks; monthly film club meetings and discussions; monthly Feminism Forum.
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'Philosophy for All is an association open to everyone interested in philosophy. Our objectives are:

* to encourage philosophical debate between professional and non-professional philosophers in a non-technical way;
* to provide a forum for an active exchange of ideas and information;
* to give guidance and information concerning courses as well as relevant literature in philosophy;
* to inspire those interested in philosophy to develop their interest further.'
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