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Philosophy in Pubs

Open Lectures & Talks
Combined list of topics and meeting details at the various venues: 'No academic or philosophical background is necessary, only a passion for enquiry. Just turn up and enjoy.'
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29 September 2016
'The PIP's are a group of like-minded people searching for philosophical stimulation in a relaxed atmosphere (i.e. pubs, bistros, coffee shops, bookstores & community centres). Currently the venues are in the Liverpool area and are run on a weekly or monthly basis.

'Everyone has Philosophical thoughts and as a group we would like to hear yours - whoever you are, wherever you're from and whatever they may be!

'The enquiries are relaxed with groups large enough to enjoy a number of diverse opinions, yet small enough to allow each person time to put their views across. As a contributor you can schedule your own subjects for enquiry and debate. Alternatively, just turn up and listen to the thoughts of others.

'Respect for others and their opinions are a fundamental requirement of the group as it encourages people to put forward their views without fear of ridicule or intimidation.'
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