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Adlerian Society UK

Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, Camden, WC1R 4RL, London
Open Lectures & TalksLondon Lectures Monthly evening lectures - plus other lectures which might be open to all.
Named Lectures & TalksHertha Orgler Memorial Lecture | Rita Udall Memorial Lecture
Also IndexedInstitute for Individual Psychology
Historic CountyLondon - Central
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British Psychotherapy Foundation

22 Abbeville Mews, 88 Clapham Park Road, Lambeth, SW4 7BX, London
Open Lectures & Talks'BPF Public Events aim to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in which dialogue and discussion can flourish. We look to focus a Psychoanalytic or/and Jungian lens on the challenges of contemporary living and society.'
Also IndexedBritish Association of Psychotherapists | London Centre for Psychotherapy | Lincoln Clinic and Centre for Psychotherapy
Historic CountyLondon - Outer
Type of BodyTrust & Foundation
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C G Jung Analytical Psychology Club – London

Essex Church, 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, Kensington & Chelsea, W8 4RT, London
Navigate Website>>> Programme >>> Thursday Lectures
Open Lectures & Talks'Lectures take place on the third Thursday of most months ... It is not necessary to book in advance for these lectures. Admission payable at the door £10 (£8 concessions). The lectures are followed by discussion and sometimes by refreshments.'
Also IndexedJung Club
Historic CountyLondon - Central
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C G Jung Public Lectures

The Upper Room, Redland Park United Reformed Church, Whiteladies Road, Bristol, BS6 6SA, South West
Navigate Website>>> Lecture Programme
Open Lectures & TalksMonthly morning Public Lectures which are 'open to anyone with an interest in depth psychology and aim to make the original ideas of Jung more widely accessible and to provide a friendly and informal forum for the ongoing development of Analytical Psychology. The organising committee needs and encourages the support of interested individuals who wish to play an active part in shaping the future of this lecture series. Attending the lectures is an important first step in this direction'.
Historic CountyGloucestershire
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Connecting Conversations

Islington Museum, Finsbury Library, 245 St John Street, Islington, EC1V 4NB, London
Open Lectures & TalksHave held evening conversations every few weeks.
Online Lectures & TalksCan listen to recordings of past 'Conversations'.
Also IndexedRowan Arts Project
Historic CountyLondon - Central
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Emerson College

Forest Row, Wealdon, RH18 5JX, South East
Open Lectures & TalksOccasional open lectures.
Historic CountySussex
Type of BodyLearning Centre
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Freud Museum London

20 Maresfield Gardens, Camden, NW3 5SX, London
Open Lectures & TalksFrequent evening talks. Tickets typically £10.00/£7.00 Concessions and Friends of the Museum. Need to book.
Historic CountyLondon - Outer
Type of BodyMuseum & Gallery
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Visits to Website1811

Guild of Analytical Psychologists

St Pancras Old Church and Gardens, Pancras Road, Camden, NW1 1UL, London
Navigate Website>>> Public Lectures
Open Lectures & Talks'The Vera von der Heydt Public Lecture Series is open to the general public and aimed at anyone who has an interest in depth psychology and the work of C.G. Jung. Topics range from poetry and individuation to unlocking the secret of dreams. Lectures are given by invited speakers and members of GAPS, and are held twice a year. Tickets are available in advance or on the door.'
Named Lectures & TalksVera von der Heydt Public Lecture Series
Historic CountyLondon - Central
Type of BodyProfessional Body
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Guild of Pastoral Psychology, The

Essex Unitarian Church, 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, Kensington & Chelsea, W8 4RT, London
Navigate Website>>> Lectures
Open Lectures & Talks'Each year the Guild holds a series of lectures on topics relating to the Guild’s interest in psychology and spirituality. The lectures are given by speakers with international eminence in their field and are of wide interest ... All lectures are open to the general public for a small entry fee. Visitors are welcome to have a glass of wine with Members who take the opportunity, after lectures, to meet one another, to browse the Library and to purchase Guild Papers and Recordings ... Although the Guild was initially established to encourage the study of psychology among clergy and other spiritual leaders, today Members come from all works of life.'
Historic CountyLondon - Central
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Guild of Psychotherapists, The

47 Nelson Square, Blackfriars Road, Southwark, SE1 0QA, London
Navigate Website>>> Public Talks, Seminars, Other Events
Open Lectures & TalksAnnual Lecture - plus other public events organized or supported by the Guild.
Historic CountyLondon - Central
Type of BodyProfessional Body
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Visits to Website1113

London Centre for Psychotherapy, The

32 Leighton Road, Camden, NW5 2QE, London
Open Lectures & TalksNow part of the British Psychotherapy Foundation.
Historic CountyLondon - Outer
Type of BodyProfessional Body
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Visits to Website1071

Processwork UK

Old Hampstead Townhall, 213 Haverstock Hill, Camden, NW3 4QP, London
Open Lectures & Talks'We are not only offering various smaller and greater training programms but also interesting lectures and classes which are not only for counsellors, psychotherapist and group facilitators but also lectures and classes for the public.'
Also IndexedResearch Society for Process Oriented Psychology
Historic CountyLondon - Central
Type of BodyLearning Centre
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Visits to Website251

Severnside Institute for Psychotherapy, The

11 Orchard Street, Bristol, BS1 5EH, South West
Open Lectures & Talks'Every year, the Severnside Institute hosts a lecture on a psychoanalytic topic ... The lecture is open to the general public.'
Historic CountyGloucestershire
Type of BodyProfessional Body
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Visits to Website648

Society of Analytical Psychology, The
Open Lectures & Talks'The Society runs a number of events and talks in London, Oxford and Cambridge for the public and for professionals interested in Jung and Jungian analysis and psychotherapy. Once a year an Annual Lecture is also given in London.'
Type of BodyProfessional Body
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Squiggle Foundation

Avenue House, 17 East End Road, Barnet, N3 3QE, London
Navigate Website>>> Lectures
Open Lectures & TalksThe Squiggle Foundation Public Lecture Programme Lectures usually Saturday mornings: 'Squiggle finds it necessary for financial reasons to break with the Foundation's long tradition and charge our members a small fee of £5.00 for entry to public lectures ... Lecture entry for non-members remains at £15.00 full rate and concessions £10.00 (full-time students, senior citizens, UB40s).'
Named Lectures & TalksMadeleine Davis Memorial Lecture
Also IndexedD W Winnicott
Historic CountyLondon - Outer
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Taunton Association for Psychotherapy

Taunton United Reform Church, Paul Street, Taunton, Taunton Deane, TA1 3PF, South West
Open Lectures & Talks'Monthly talks are held on Fridays ... There is no need to book, just come along on the night. [Members: Free, Non-Members: £5 on the door, Concessions: £2.50]'
Historic CountySomerset
Type of BodyLocal Society
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Visits to Website823

West Midlands Institute of Psychotherapy

The Birmingham Medical Institute, 36 Harborne Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 3AF, West Midlands
Open Lectures & Talks'Open meetings take place on the 3rd Monday of the month throughout the year (excluding April, August and December). They are generally open to Institute Members and the public but on occasion they are closed for members only or members and their guests. Coffee and Biscuits from 6.30 pm. Meetings 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm.'
Historic CountyWarwickshire
Type of BodyProfessional Body
Views 'Full' Record + MAP1320
Visits to Website615

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