* Alliance of Literary Societies
Navigate Website>>> Events
Open Lectures & TalksThe Alliance currently has about 125 Members. Under the heading Events, there is a Calendar listing some events by Member Societies.
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* Association of British Philatelic Societies
Open Lectures & TalksAccess to details of philatelic Federations, National & Specialist Societies, Local Societies: 'As not all societies are members of the ABPS it may be that their details will not be available as the records of contact, telephone and email addresses may not be recorded.'
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* Association of Independent Libraries
Navigate Website>>> Directory
Open Lectures & Talks'There are links to members' own sites, or to AIL pages for libraries without their own sites.'
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* Backdoor Broadcasting Company
Open Lectures & Talks'The Backdoor Broadcasting Company’s Academic Service specializes in web-casting academic conferences, symposia, public lectures, workshops and seminars in order to further the dissemination of academic research ...
Online Lectures & Talks... To make this service as cheap and as efficient as possible, we broadcast audio (sound) only, and with limited interactivity. Primarily we broadcast a conference/event live, we record it and make it available for download. Every event will have its dedicated webpage with supporting information and text, as well as contacts and links to the contributors ... As a service provider, we are hired by the conference/event organisers and are free to the listener. After the live broadcast all contributions will be placed in our archive, which is accessible as a free internet resource. Our main aim is to assist with the dissemination of research.'
Type of BodyWeb Portal
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* British Association for Local History
Open Lectures & TalksUseful and Interesting Links 'We have included here some suggestions of national organisations which are of interest to local historians and whose websites provide useful information. In the section labelled "Local Societies" we have provided just a small sample of the many local history societies which now have their own website. Groups and societies dealing with local history vary widely in what they call themselves and what they do, not all have the term 'local history' in their title. There is a long list to be found in The Family and Local History Handbook. New ones, and their websites, are often mentioned in Local History News. If your group is considering having its own website those listed here may provide some examples.'
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* British Association of Numismatic Societies
Open Lectures & Talks'The British Association of Numismatic Societies is the national organisation which represents numismatic societies throughout the United Kingdom. It exists to promote the study of numismatics by bringing these societies and their members together to share and increase their interest and expertise in coins, tokens and currency.'
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* British Beekeepers Association
Navigate Website>>> About >>> Local Associations >>> Find an Association
Open Lectures & Talks'Most of the activities beekeepers enjoy are run at local associations. These include; lectures, open-air summer apiary meetings, courses, parties, quizzes, auctions, etc. Members of these associations pay subscriptions which gives them a voice and a vote in their association affairs. From the subscription, a capitation fee is paid annually to the BBKA and those combined fees are the only reliable income received by the national body. The BBKA holds a comprehensive list of member associations detailed by UK County.'
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* British Orchid Council
Navigate Website>>> Events Diary
Open Lectures & Talks'The BOC maintains and publishes a Diary of Orchid Events around the UK and overseas. This covers details of Member organisation's Shows, British Orchid Congresses and other national Shows, meetings of Council and of the RHS Orchid Committee, plus significant international events such as European and World Orchid Conferences.'
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* Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
Open Lectures & TalksCyndi's List includes wide coverage of UK family (and local) history resources. As at 20 September 2016 the Site's Statistics were given as: Total Links: 332,105; Categories: 210
Type of BodyWeb Portal
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* Federation of Astronomical Societies
Navigate Website>>> Society Events
Open Lectures & TalksDaily diary of events at those Societies who have submitted details.
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* Federation of Family History Societies
Navigate Website>>> Find A Society
Open Lectures & Talks'The Federation of Family History Societies has over 160 member societies, all helping their own members to research their ancestors in England, Wales and Ireland.'
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* Garden Organic
Open Lectures & Talks'Garden Organic, the UK's leading organic growing charity, has been at the forefront of the organic horticulture movement for 50 years and is dedicated to researching and promoting organic gardening, farming and food ... Garden Organic is a dynamic, influential and committed organisation. We passionately believe in an organic approach to a sustainable future for people and our planet.'
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Open Lectures & TalksGENEVA is 'an online calendar of GENealogical EVents and Activities. This calendar is being run jointly on behalf of GENUKI and the Federation of Family History Societies. Event organisers are encouraged to check this calendar when picking a date to avoid clashes with other events in the same area. They are also encouraged to submit an entry for this calendar as soon as a date has been booked so that other organisers know about it and can try to avoid it. Please note that this calendar depends on your Family History Society submitting its events as well as you reading it. If your society's events are not listed, please complain to them rather than to me. If the calendar does not link to any further details, please don't ask me for further information - because I don't have any ...'
Also IndexedGENEVA
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* Historic Houses Association
Navigate Website>>> Friends' Page
Open Lectures & TalksFriends Events and News The Association's team of volunteer Regional Friends Representatives organise a full programme of special events and visits to houses, gardens and other places of interest, some not usually open to the public, throughout the year. These events are publicised in the Activities supplement to the HHA's quarterly magazine Historic House and are open to applications from Members and Friends of the Association only ... You can find a list of HHA Properties to Visit within "About Us".'
Named Lectures & TalksHugh Shirreff Lecture | HHA/Smiths Gore Lecture
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* Literary Festivals UK
Navigate Website>>> Festivals A-Z
Open Lectures & TalksLiterary Festival Directory A-Z.
Type of BodyFestival
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* Local History Online
Open Lectures & TalksCalendar of Events 'Our calendar is compiled from press releases, e-mails and other sources, such as local history periodicals and personal contacts.'
Type of BodyJournal & Magazine
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* NADFAS - The National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts Societies
Navigate Website>>> Get Involved >>> Join a Society
Open Lectures & Talks'Through a vibrant network of local societies, NADFAS opens up the world of arts to everyone. With monthly lectures on a broad range of topics as well as study days, educational visits and holidays at home and abroad, a NADFAS society is not just a great way to learn - it's a fun way of making new and lasting friendships.'
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* National Federation of Cemetery Friends
Navigate Website>>> Events including Walks
Open Lectures & TalksThere are occasional lectures and talks in the list of 'events organised by our members and other cemetery connected organisations'.
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* RootsChat
Open Lectures & TalksRootsChat is the largest free family history forum site in the UK. RootsChat is a community of people who help each other with their family history. It has many millions of postings and hundreds of thousands of members worldwide ... RootsChat is totally free.'
Type of BodyWeb Portal
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* Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding
Open Lectures & Talks'We are currently unable to give our normal events listing service. We hope to resume it as soon as we can. If you can help please let us know. ...'
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* TED - Ideas Worth Spreading
Open Lectures & Talks'On, we make the best talks and performances from TED and partners available to the world, for free. More than 900 TEDTalks are now available, with more added each week. All of the talks are subtitled in English, and many are subtitled in various languages.'
Online Lectures & Talks'This website is provided as a public service to promote the spread of good ideas. It welcomes anyone willing to join us in this pursuit. You are encouraged to view as many talks as you wish for free, and to share what you learn with others both online and offline. Anyone can join by providing basic contact information ...'
Also IndexedTEDTalks
Type of BodyWeb Portal
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* The British Fuchsia Society
Open Lectures & TalksThe Affiliated Societies page 'is primarily for the connection to the affiliated societies for name, address and contacts in various areas'. The Events Diary just lists "Important Dates" for the Society as a whole.
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* The British Society of Dowsers
Open Lectures & Talks'Affiliated Local Groups, are separate and independent of BSD. Some groups specialise in certain areas of dowsing, others are general interest. Each group is run by volunteers who set their own programmes.'
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* The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining
Open Lectures & TalksLectures open to the public listed in the searchable Events Calendar: 'The Institute has a network of over 50 affiliated Local Societies distributed throughout the UK, covering a wide range of disciplines and running events throughout the year.'
Type of BodyProfessional Body
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* The National Trust
Navigate Website>>> Events >>> Find an Event
Open Lectures & TalksCan search for the Theme 'Talks & Guided Tours' (amongst many other options).
Type of BodyTrust & Foundation
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